Private Citizens Inc.
PO Box 233
Naperville, IL 60566

  • Demand your time,
  • Invade your privacy,
  • Stuff you mailbox ,
  • Misuse your phone,
  • Sell info about you,
  • and call it business

  • Call it offensive!

Dear Private Citizen,

You are not alone! People are fed up with junk phone calls and junk mail. Toda y, you can join with thousands of Private Citizen members across America who, si nce 1988, have fought back and now enjoy their right to be left alone.

To join, complete the attached Authorization Form and return it with your member ship fee. A basic $20 fee will Cut Junk calls; $10 will Cut Junk mail.

Junk Calls -
We will list you in the Private Citizen Directory, which is sent to over 1400 lo cal and national telemarketing firms and list sellers nationwide. The Directory notifies them of your unwillingness to be freely junk called or have your name sold, and warns them of your $500 fee if they do not honor your request. Private Citizens members consider any phone solicitation to be a junk call; including s ales, non-profit and survey calls. Members receive a list of the firms we sent t he Directory to, ideas on how to handle calls that may slip by, a newsletter, an d info about telemarketing laws. Since junk callers won't know who of us will sue if they refuse to pay, they avoid us like a mine field. Our members report a huge drop in junk calls. They've collected too, both in and out of court... $1 00, $500, $1,000, $2,000 and more. In fact, a Congressional report recommends th e use of Private Citizen's `No-Call' Directory.

Junk Mail-
We will copy and send the `junk mail' portion of your Authorization to Congress and the eight largest list sales and junk mailing firms named on it. One firm se nds out 350 million ads per week. Another sells information on 90% of Americans . We also send our members a copy of a special Postal Form that many call `The Ultimate Junk Mail Weapon'. It will absolutely stop all business advertising mai l that you object to,... even from the most stubborn of mailers: PERIOD! But m ost importantly, every new Private Citizen member gives us a stronger voice to p romote `effective' privacy regulation on state and national levels. Wall Street Journal: "[Private Citizen's] strategy is mischievous, ruthless, and surprisin gly effective. ABC's PrimeTime Live: "Hundreds of Private Citizen members have successfully stopped the annoying calls. "So... the sooner we hear from you, t he less you'll hear from them.


Robert Bulmash - President & Founder

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Private Citizens Inc.
PO Box 233
Naperville, IL 60566

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