I would like to take this time to tell you about Safe Harbor Boys Home. Because Safe Harbor has the highest sucess rate in the nation at a very low cost. Safe Harbor was featured in the Dec 18, 1995 issue of People magazine. It has also been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC. Safe Harbor is made up entirely of retired volunteers who dedicate their lives to abandoned teenage boys. The boys live on a ship donated by the U.S. Coast Guard, called the Spike. This program does not receive city, state or federal funds, it operates on private and civic donations In the past no fundraisers have been required because individaul donors have been able to meet the basic needs of the boys. However, a recent but serious problem has caused the Spike to be in danger of sinking. This would mean losing our main dormitory, cafeteria, cooking and bathroom facilities. You can help Safe Harbor in many ways. Below are click-on items that will give you more information as to how you may help us.
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Safe Harbor Boys Home
4772 Safe Harbor Way
Jacksonville, Florida 32226

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