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Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol
600 Union Ave.
Bound Brook, NJ 08805
On Route 28 East - 1 traffic light after exiting Rt. 287 (on right)

For more information Call (908) 560-0620 / FAX: (908) 560-9123

Party facilities for up to 100 People


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Also Lunch Menu available. Call us for any fax orders!

For information on entrees, select the following:

Seafood Specialties

PLEASE NOTE: Because of Market Conditions, certain fish items may not be available - We beg your indulgence and ask that you make another selection. Thank You!

Espada $16.95
Boneless swordfish broiled in a green or red sauce
Fillet De Pargo Al Champagne 13.95
Red Snapper fillet baked in champagne sauce
Fillet De Sole Meuniere 15.95
A large fillet of flounder sauteed in butter, lemon sauce, and parsley
Scallops - Cooked to perfection 15.95
Broiled fried green sauce or marinara sauce (choice of one)
Tamboril A La Espanola 14.95
A white fish fillet sauteed in Butter, Lemon and Garlic sauce Spanish style, garnished with a few shrimp and capers
Paella Marinera 15.95
Several kinds of seafood including lobster with saffron rice
Paella Valenciana 17.95
Seafood combination including lobster, chicken, spanish sausage and saffron rice
Mariscada En Salsa Verde 17.95
Combination seafood in its own sauce with wine, garlic, and parsley
Zarzuele De Mariscos 17.95
Combination seafood with Spanish brandy and White Wine
Almejos Marinera 15.95
Clams, scallops, shrimp, Spanish sausage with onions, peppers, and marinera sauce
Arroz De Camarones 13.95
A generous portion of shrimp and saffron rice
Camarones Fritos 14.95
Breaded deep fried with tartar sauce and the works
Camarones Al Diablo 14.95
Sauteed large shrimp with wine, peppers and onions in hot sauce
Camarones Al Cardenal 16.95
Sauteed large shrimp on a bed of mushrooms. covered with Hollandaise sauce

All combinations include lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops & calamari.

Prices above for single orders only.

Parrilhada A La Costa del Sol (Serves Two) $39.00
Several kinds of seafood including lobster and fish fillets. Sauteed in a garlic sauce.
Langosta Al Horna Market Price
A live Maine lobster, broiled, or steamed (Stuffing 4.00 Extra)
Mar Y Tierra 21.95
Surf & Turf

Please note: Parrilhada, Lobsters, and Surf & Turf cannot be accepted with any discount cards, coupons or promotions. Thank You.

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Camarones al Ajillo $7.95
Shrimp in garlic
Almejos Al Costa del Sol 8.95
Clams Costa del Sol
Almejos en Salsa Verde $7.75
Fresh steamed clams with wine. Lots of garlic and parsley
Almejos Casino 4.95
Clams Casino
Caracoles Borgonesa 7.95
Snails Bourguigonne
Cocktail do Camarones 8.75
Shrimp Cocktail
Mejilhones en Salsa Picante en Salsa Verde 5.95
Mussels in hot sauce or green sauce
Spanish Chorizo 5.95
Fried Calamari 5.95
Almejos Marinera 8.95
Clams, scallops, shrimp, with onions, peppers, and Marinera sauce

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Soup du Jour $2.75
King Crabmeat 3.75
Garlic Soup 3.95
Gazpacho 2.95

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We have all the cocktails may we suggest our Homemade "Sangria" or ask your server for Today's Special Drink

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To Our Customers

Our Staff has dedicated itself to offering wholesome food served in a gracious and efficient manner. All of our meals are cooked to order and, because of this, our greatest challenge is the time factor. Thus cooking time varies from a few minutes for some meals to a substantially longer time for certain boiled items. We ask your patience, please.

You came to the Costa del Sol to be pleased and satisfied. If for any reason something has displeased you, won't you bring it to our attention at once so that we might correct it while you are still dining. Letting us know of our shortcomings helps to make us aware of our responsibilities to you, our customer. Thank You.

The Management

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Meat and Poultry Entrees

Solomillo A La Costa Del Sol A 10 Oz. Filet Mignon $18.95
with sherry Wine and a touch of garlic with sliced ham
Solomillo Al Brandy 20.95
A 10 Oz. Filet Mignon with sherry wine, mushroom sauce, a touch of cream and brandy flambe
Solomillo A La Cuvos 17.95
Cubed Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon with Sherry wine and mushroom sauce and a touch of cream
Entrecote A La Parrilla 12 Oz. 14.95 16 Oz. 19.95
Broiled boneless sirloin steak, prepared to your taste
Ternera A La Costa Del Sol 14.95
Veal Scallopine with mushrooms, brandy, and sherry sauce
Ternera Madrilena 13.95
Veal Scallopine with wine and a touch of lemon
Carne De Cerdo Al Alentejana 13.95
Cubed pork with clams and potatoes in a special sauce
Pollo al Ajillo 14.95
A generous portion of boneless breast of chicken baked in a zesty garlic and wine sauce
Pollo Alla Costa Del Sol 13.95
Sauteed boneless breast of chicken with diced onions, mushrooms, brandy and sherry wine
Pollo Asado 10.95
Barbecued chicken with rice and french fries (To go only $7.00-salad not included)
Arroz Con Pollo 10.95
A generous portion of chicken, spanish sausage and saffron rice
Chulletas De Cerdo A La Portugeza 12.95
Pork Chops sauteed with white wine and garlic sauce

All Dinners Served with Salad or Soup du Jour

There will be an additional charge of $5.00 for 2 adults sharing 1 dinner

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