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Diana's Bear Den is a sponsor of a room at the: The Web Bear Orphanage - adopt a new friend, or help your old teddy friend find a new home.

Collectible Bears and Gifts

Specializing in older Muffy's and Vanderbears clothes.


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We are the home of "Garlee" a limited edition (2500) bear produced by the North American Bear Company. To adopt Garlee, visit The Den at the Web Bear Orphanage. We also carry a large selection of Gund, Raikes, Steiff Boyds, Cherished Teddies and Beaver Valley.

New to our store is a company called "Wee Forest Folk". They have a new store collection of six handmade minature bears and of course their world famous mice.

Beaver Valley

We Proudly feature the unique creations of Beaver Valley. "Because imagination is never an extravagance..." These are truly great pieces. We have included two images so you can also appreciate their true uniqueness.

On the left is Niels and Katje, to the right is Collins and Grace.

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