Marquee Magic software for a PC makes changing outdoor signs so easy! Written for Windows, it fully automates the sign changing process. It does everything for you except put up the ladder!

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About Marquee Magic

Marquee Magic is one of several software applications by Data Master. Data Master is a 12 year old company that provides computer consultation, support, training, and custom programs.

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Regal Cinemas, O'Charley's Restaurants, Western Sizzlin' and Shoney's are presently using Marquee Magic.

Letter Inventory

Marquee Magic allows you to keep a letter(character) inventory. This enables a test to see if there are enough letters to do the desired sign.

Calculates Letters Needed

Each letter(character) of the desired sign is totaled, all the A's, B's, C's etc., and checked against the letter inventory. If there are enough letters, a report can be printed and used as a reference when pulling the letters to go out and put up the sign.

Spell Checker

Each sign can be spell checked using the built-in spell checker. A suggestion is made for any misspelled words. Unknown words can be ignored or added to the dictionary.

Print Report

After the spell check is done, a report can be requested. If the calculation for each letter determines there are enough letters, a report will be printed. Otherwise, an on-screen message tells what letter is in short supply and the report won't print. After re-wording the sign, the report may be then be printed. The report lists for all signs the date, time, comments, sign text, and the quantity of each letter needed for each sign. Experience shows that 80% of the letters are already up on the existing sign. Knowing which few letters to pull for the new sign is quite a labor and time saver!

Single User

The single user version is for an independent theater or restaurant. It keeps data on two signs, the one that is already up and the new sign that is desired. After the new sign is put up, it becomes the old sign in Marquee Magic and a new sign can be composed.

Corporate User

The corporate version is for the Signage Director at the corporate office. The corporate office writes the copy for a given period, usually a month. The corporate version can maintain an unlimited number of signs. When the report is printed, it is distributed to all store locations.

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