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Which PET Scan brain image reflects the real you?

Welcome to the Brain Revolution where just yesterday's assumptions about you and your brain may be seriously limiting your growth potential. For example, your IQ is not your true brain power. What's more, scientists quoted in this newspaper article believe you can actually "grow" your brain well into old age!

Of course, we all have good brain days and bad. But, did you know that there's an easy way to predict and control them? In fact, did you know that there's an upgradable bio computer in your brain?

Curious about your brain? Or, which of your two brains dominates you? Or, which of your seven intelligences is most and least developed? Here's your link to our free on-line tests, and your self discovery.

Perhaps you're even willing to go beyond passive curiosity and actively build your brain- especially if it can be as fun and exciting, yet valuable and rewarding as this.

Outrageous? Not really! Check out our bios. We're very versed & intelligent about intelligence.

    "Evidence is accumulating that the brain works
    a lot like a muscle - the more you use it the
    more it grows. Although scientists had long 
    ascertained the brain's chemistry was hard 
    wired by adolescence, and inflexible in 
    adulthood, its newly discovered ability to                            
    change, grow and adapt is apparently with us 
    well into old age."

Life Magazine, July '94

[NewsWeek Magazine Cover Article]

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[NASA astronaut] So... mental quickness is immutable, huh? Tell that to these astronauts who, according to this leading Scientific Journal Article, train their brains to think fast! Now similar brain tune-up software is available to the public for the very first time!

Why not see for yourself if quicker is smarter?

Did You Know?

-- you are smarter than you can think.

-- your IQ, SAT, job placement test scores can fluctuate up to one standard deviation! This could mean that...

-- brain fog, or fuzz, is actually neural-noise caused by any of the following factors...

-- daily brain-games, and not exercise & nutrition, may be the #1 key to a healthy, happy & smarter long life according to this revealing newspaper article.

-- the quicker your wits ("cognitive reflexes") the slower, calmer & clearer your brain as Brain-wave studies reveal...

Did You Know?

-- noise-on-the-brain ("brain fuzz") limits your mental ability more than lack of brain speed. Here's why...

-- the so called "well balanced & healthiest" of diets may be draining your brain.

-- your brain does NOT have to age (slow down & lose memory) according to this life-changing brain research.

-- using more of your brain could be stupid in these situations!

-- your brain weighs only 2% of your body's weight, but monopolizes over 20% of its blood flow. So what are you going to feed your brain today?

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