Game Factory

The Game Factory Division was started in 1990
to expand the business of FHT Development Corporation into the Interactive Multimedia field.

Technology Assets

Titles Developed:

B.O.B. - Sega Genesis 1993
8Mbit Cartridge Published by Electronic Arts

Urban Strike - Sega Genesis 1994
16Mbit Cartridge Published by Electronic Arts

Super Strike - Sega CD 1995
650MB CD Published by Electronic Arts

Savage Heroes - Sega Genesis, Sega CD, PlayStation

Michael Jordan, Chaos in the Windy City - Sega Genesis

Zodiac Fighters - Atari Jaguar

FlintStones - Sega Genesis

TangChi - Mac, Windows, Windows 95

FHT has also done some updates and conversions for video games including:
Falcon 3.0 CD
Fields of Glory CD
Vette CD
Tetris Classic Windows CD
Tetris Gold CD

And finally, some products that are currently under development:

Windows 95, Mac, PlayStation, Ultra 64

PlayStation, Ultra 64, Coin-Op

PlayStation, Ultra 64, Coin-Op

Xeno War - Sony Playstation

Secret Weapon X - Sega Genesis, Windows 95, Mac

Techno Kid - Sega Genesis, Windows 95, Mac

California Games 2000 - Jaguar, Jaguar CD, Windows 95

Zenobian Scout - Sega Genesis

CoverUp - Windows

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