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flashback 1442: SPARC Product Directory

There is a new 1996/97 edition of the SPARC Product Directory. The new edition of this buyers guide was published June 1996.

If you're involved in specifying Sun compatible hardware for use in your own organization or by your customers, you'll save time tracking down products and suppliers using the SPARC Product Directory.

Customers of the SPARC Product Directory include people in all types of organizations, from manufacturers like Sun Microsystems who use it as a reference in all their US sales offices, to end users in universities, government, research and banking throughout Europe and the USA.

Please take a few minutes of your time to see what we offer below.

Best Regards Zsolt Kerekes - Publisher, SPARC Product Directory ACSL@ATTMAIL.COM

PS We guarantee satisfaction or your money refunded.

PPS If your organization is a small Sun site, and you don't buy much hardware, then the investment of buying the directory, may not be appropriate. But it's handy to know where you can look if your needs change.

What do Our Customers Say About the SPARC Product Directory?

"The SPARC Product Directory is used as a reference in all the US sales offices of Sun Microsystems."...

...Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation

"The SPARC Product Directory" (formerly known as the SBus Product Directory) serves an important need in the SPARC-based community of End-Users, Resellers, Sytems Integrators and Developers. Members of the SPARC International organization and visitors to our World Wide Web page at are constantly searching for the information contained in this document. SPARC International is also an end-user of SPARC-based systems and peripherals and, as a first hand buyer, I can say that the SPARC Product Directory has been extremely helpful in our own product purchasing decisions."...

...Ernie Carlson - Chairman/CEO, SPARC International, Inc.

"We've found the SPARC Product Directory to be an invaluable source of information both for our customers and as an internal reference for SBus products within FORCE. The directory probably provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of SBus products and references available anywhere"...

...Chris Williams - Marketing Director Europe, FORCE COMPUTERS GmbH

"Simply the most comprehensive guide to the worldwide SPARC and SBus markets. With the pace of change so phenomenal, then if you are in this market, ignore it at your peril."...

...Paul Potts - European Marketing Manager, Dataman

"The SPARC Product Directory has proven to be a rich source of information on SBUS products for our OEM customers who are benefiting from the wide availability of connectivity options for SPARC. This provides them with many solutions when they DEVELOP their applications on SPARC, and DEPLOY their equipment based on binary compatible SPARC boards or chip products from Sun Microelectronics."...

...Nigel Ross - Market Development Manager, Europe ...Sun Microelectronics (formerly SPARC Technology Business)

"A must for all buyers." ...

...Sun UK User Group

What Will You Find in The SPARC Product Directory?

The SPARC Product Directory is designed to help you quickly locate SPARC based computers, SBus cards and suppliers. ACSL is the leading market research company in the SPARC systems market, and we talk to thousands of vendors. Most SPARC manufacturers themselves use our directory to source products.

ACSL doesn't sell software, and we don't sell hardware. We just sell the best market data about the SPARC hardware systems market.

A typical analysis of the contents of the SPARC Product Directory:-

The SPARC Product Directory includes the address, telephone and fax number of every manufacturer. If you have problems contacting any of the suppliers in it, you can contact ACSL (in Europe), or NDS (in the USA) and if you are a recent customer, we will help you locate a supplier from our database of thousands of SPARC reseller organizations.

The directory includes many vendors and products which you will not find via the net. We've invested thousands of person-hours of research tracking down companies from hearsay and rumour, and we keep calling them until they send us data. You know what a frustrating experience it can be finding suppliers - the directory was originally born out of this frustration when I worked at a Sun reseller and oem in 1991. Now hundreds of Sun resellers and thousands of systems integrators save themselves hours or days of time doing the first level search for new products and suppliers. Many of our customers come back to buy new editions of the directory every year (and sometimes more often).

The new edition weighs about 1Kg (2 pounds) and the price includes airmail delivery.

You can order the SPARC Product Directory, or get more details from the organizations below

In Europe:-

the price is GBP 63.50 (includes airmail delivery).


Applied Computer Sciences Limited
High View Farm, Haughurst Hill
Baughurst, Tadley
RG26 5JR
Great Britain
Telephone - +44(0) 734 820 880
Fax - +44(0) 734 820 445
Contact: Zsolt Kerekes

In the USA:-

the price is US$89 + $6 shipping

email:- novation95@aol.com

Novation Data Services
759 Chemowa Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Telephone and Fax - +1-408-737-7847
Contact: Nev Griffin

also available from SPARC International's SPARCshop refer to http://www.sparc.com

Customers in other regions can order from the suppliers above, but postage rates may vary from those listed.

SPARC(R) is a registered trademark of SPARC International, Inc. SPARC PRODUCT DIRECTORY(SM) is a service mark of SPARC International, Inc. used under license by ACSL. Products bearing the SPARC trademarks are based on an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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