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fPrint provides the tools, the information
and the services to cover all aspects of
PC auditing. For further details on fPrint's
flagship of products, click on the audit
toolset icon appearing further down.

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the fPrint IV version 4.1 new features guide.

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Click on the above icon for information
on PC Audit 96, the focal I.T. industry
event in London on September
17 and 18, 1996.

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Keeping track of multiple hardware and
software configurations and identifying
illegal software can be a lheadache.
fPrint UK Limited has the audit toolset
which supports audit preparation, data
collection, data integration and reporting.

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VP/2 is a fully Borland Pascal and
Borland Delphi compatible 32-bit Pascal
compiler for OS/2. It compiles most
existing applications almost without any
code changes, allowing you to port existing
applications to the 32-bit world of OS/2 in
an instant. Whether you want to start from
scratch or you need to compile existing
Pascal apps for OS/2, Virtual Pascal
for OS/2
is the tool for the job.

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