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Created 11/20/1996
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J. Bradford De Long, "In Praise of the Weekly Standard." An attempt to figure out why I--an unreconstructed liberal--feel happy everytime I read an issue of The Weekly Standard.

Added 6/24/1997

J. Bradford De Long, "Armed Prophets: Isaac Deutscher, Leon Trotsky, and Edmund Wilson". A short reflection touched off by reading pieces of Isaac Deutscher's biography of Leon Trotsky

 Added 6/20/1997

J. Bradford De Long, "Why Are Conservatives Scared of Albert Einstein?". Sections from an unintentionally hilarious attack on modern physics that I found in the American Spectator.

 Added 6/16/1997

J. Bradford De Long, "Passing Up My Chance to Spend the Weekend with Dan Quayle". My brief encounter with the Republican Party's soft-money machine.

 Added 6/9/1997

I'm going to try to keep a semi-political journal

 Added 6/9/1997

J. Bradford De Long, "The Minimum Wage: The U.S. Experience," forthcoming in Parliamentary Brief.

 Added 5/23/1997

J. Bradford De Long, "The Modern Corporation," forthcoming in the Wilson Quarterly.

 Added 5/10/1997

The version of the piece below that appeared in Slate: "Trading Places"

 Added 4/5/1997

A draft op-ed: "Bad Trade: The Cuban Embargo and the Future of the World Trade Organization."

 Added 3/25/1997

The first full draft of my twentieth century economic history book, Slouching Towards Utopia, is finally up. I'm still not happy with the ms.--the balance of subjects is wrong...

 Added 3/15/1997

The first full draft of my twentieth century economic history book, Slouching Towards Utopia, is going up on the web site chapter by chapter. Chapters 0 through 11 are up now...

 Added 1/24/1997

Comment on Xavier Sala-i-Martin, "I Just Ran Two Million Regressions"

Added 12/28/1996

Billionaires (A project in progress)

Added 12/28/1996

"Review of Richard Vedder and Lowell Gallaway, Out of Work: Unemployment and Government in Twentieth-Century America"

Added 12/28/1996

"Review of Doug Irwin's Against the Tide: An Intellectual History of Free Trade"

Added 12/26/1996

"Review of Daniel Cohen's The Misfortunes of Prosperity: An Introduction to Modern Political Economy"

Added 12/26/1996

"The British Stock Market and British Growth, 1870-1914"; with Richard Grossman. Available only in .doc and .pdf versions.

Added 12/26/1996

"Is the Stock Market Overvalued?" in Slate

Posted 12/20/1996

"Understanding America's Hesitant Steps Toward Financial Capitalism"; with Carlos Ramirez. Available only in .doc and .pdf versions

Added 12/19/1996

B.A. 130 (Introductory Finance) [Fall 1996]

Reorganized 12/18/1996

Alan Greenspan and the Stock Market

Added 12/7/1996

A Short Review of Economic Growth

Added 12/2/1996

Pacific Economic Prospects

Added 11/20/1996

New Stuff

Created 11/20/1996
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