Created 2/21/1996
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A brand-new Power Macintosh 5400/180 that I bought cheap because (a) I didn't want to have to deal with platform migration, but (b) I didn't have confidence that Apple would still be here in a year or two, hence did not want to make large hardware investments.

The U.C. Berkeley network, an amazingly reliable and un-congested place

The Econometric Laboratory's .econ subnet, which has worked flawlessly since I finally figured out how to plug in the ethernet cable. (Thus, with a 68030 running at 33 mhz hooked directly by ethernet into the Berkeley network, I may be the only person on the -net whose server is compute-constrained rather than bandwidth-constrained.)


Webstar from Quarterdeck. It has never crashed.

Pagemill from Adobe. Now if only it would only let me use comments to consistently tell it what is .html that it doesn't understand and shouldn't monkey with--instead it decides anew what is "Raw HTML" style each time it is opened, and it usually gets it wrong...

A very nice text editor.


Banner taken from a mythologized painting of "The Trial of Galileo". The Abjuration of Galileo is worth reading, if you have never done so...

I found this picture of Adam Smith on the head of a Scottish penny in the website of "Hal Varian".

This very small and low-resolution photo of me needs to be replaced.


Created 2/21/1996
This is
Brad De Long's Home Page

Professor of Economics J. Bradford De Long, 601 Evans
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880
(510) 643-4027 phone (510) 642-6615 fax