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~ Country Yard and Garden Hints ~
PRUNING HIBISCUS PLANTS: February/March is the time that Hibiscus plants come out of their dormant stage. You will notice new growth around mid-February. This is when we begin to see 11 hours of daylight in North America. Move Hibiscus to a sunny room with temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees. Prune upper growth, but leave the flower buds (pouchy bags). Start watering the Hibiscus weekly with alternating weeks using Miracle-Gro. Watch as the luscious Hibiscus flowers come to life. Move the plant outdoors in late May/early June (depending where you live). Just make sure there is no danger of a surprise frost. Stop fertilizing the plant after Labor Day.
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The Shenandoah Valley Travel Association maintains a very flexible and up-to-date searchable index of Shenandoah Valley Events and Happenings. Discover the area's variety of attractions by choosing one or a range of dates and all counties, cities and towns or just one special locale.

~ Valley Feature ~
BURWELL-MORGAN MILL -- This mill, sited in Clarke County, is the oldest still-operational agri-business in the Valley. Built in 1785 by Daniel Morgan & Nath. Burwell, it has been restored to operational capacity. Between 4/28/1997 & 5/11/1997 we will hold our 14th 'Art at the Mill' show. This past show highlighted 137 regional artists and almost 600 pieces of art. On 6/7-8/1997, over 50 volunteers will be in period costume during "18th Century Days". There will be a RW encampment, grinding of flour, games & demonstrations of colonial life.


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