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July 16, 1997

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Dig Those Crazy Dinosaurs!
Dig Those Crazy Fossils
That's what we're doing in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. And it's not too late to give us a hand.

Aboard the A-6 Intruder
John Lehman flew in Vietnam and then was Secretary of the Navy. He's here tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

Unearthing the Taino
Unearthing the Taino
New reports from the expedition searching for one of the great New World civilizations.

We're Climbing the Moose's Tooth
Now there's a sentence you never thought you'd hear! Well, it's near Mount McKinley and no one's done it yet.

Wild Discovery Wired
Cool, Cool Monkeys
Unlike those bogus sea monkey scams, this week's "Wild Discovery Wired" delivers the goods on real, live snow monkeys.

Someone in Time
Guess Me If You Can
So, you call yourself a history buff? Put your knowledge to the test by playing "Someone in Time," where the object is to find out who that someone is.

Mars Live
Mars Live! ... Discovery News Online
From our correspondent at mission control to our live audio coverage, there's no place on Earth to get a better look at the Mars mission.

Shark Week Promo
Preview: Shark Week Sweepstakes
Let the countdown begin. Shark Week begins August 10, but by then you could practically memorize the rules to the sweepstakes that might land you in Tahiti.
The Mistic Rain Forest


Pictures: Ed Heck/Courtesy of American Museum of Natural History | Courtesy of J.F. Lehman & Co. | Courtesy of Indiana Univ. | Gregory Crouch | David C.Fritts/AllStock/PNI | Lisa Masson | Carolina Biological Supply/Phototake/PNI | NASA | DCI |
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