University Brands, Inc.

University Brands, Inc.

University Brands, a division of Genesco, Inc., manufactures and markets high-quality shoes for infants and children. Their brands -Toddler University, Kids University and Street Hot - provide the innovative features and real value customers demand. To help increase distribution and familiarize retailers with the three product lines and the many attributes of the shoes, The Turnaround Team developed an interactive match-up game. In the game, players try to match pairs of animated "tiles" ¬ mini-movies that show University Brands product lines or product attributes, such as "Tri-Dimensional Fit".

University Brands Match-Up Game

Interactive Sales Game Kiosk

Players try to locate matching tiles.
The three product lines are displayed.

The game highlights the important product attributes.
Little Professor Hughes points out that University Brands measures the foot three ways!

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