FlashBack, Inc. is a publisher of full-text on-demand electronic newsletter for the Open Systems computing market. FlashBack also manages very large electronic mailing lists (10,000+ names), especially for clients marketing to Sun users. Flashback also produces the weekly New Products columm for SunWorld Online

FlashBack, Inc. is owned and operated by John J. McLaughlin.

The SunFlash and FlashBack HTML files are included on this machine, www.flashback.com, and a number of other machines. I develop the articles at flashback.com and then place them on public ftp server - draco.nova.edu ; in the directory /pub/sunflash/www - as separate files and as compressed tar files that can be used to mirror the SunFlash and FlashBack HTML files.

I strongly encourage you to replicate my HTML files into your WWW server. I want to focus on being a content provider, not a service provider!

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