Midiman is Now Shipping Their New Portman 4x4/S

For: Immediate Release
Retail: $ 279.95

Arcadia, CA MIDIMAN answers their MIDI studio and multimedia customers requests for more power and performance in an external MIDI interface; MIDIMAN's new Portman 4x4/S is a 4 In / 4 Out parallel port PC MIDI interface with SMPTE sync, and 64 independent MIDI transmit and receive channels that can all operate simultaneously at full MIDI bandwidth.

When disconnected from the PC computer, the 4x4/S acts as a stand-alone patchbay.

The Portman 4x4/S ($279.95 msrp) is fully Windows MME compatible and works with Windows 3.1, 3.11 and Windows 95.

When functioning as a SMPTE time code writer/reader, the Portman 4x4/S can read and write 24, 25, and 30 drop or non-drop frame LTC SMPTE formats. Using the included software, any SMPTE write offset can be set. Portman 4x4/S converts LTC to MIDI time code (MTC) for syncing any MTC capable sequencer to SMPTE.

Got a bad spot on your recording? -- the 4x4/S can perfectly regenerate even the worst SMPTE time code with a selectable flywheel that can be set to any value from 1 frame to 255 frames, or forever, and it performs 3JAM2 sync in all modes.

The MIDIMAN Portman 4x4/S plugs into the PC printer port and supports high speed bi-directional printer port modes minimizing PC overhead. The 4x4/S is shipped with Windows MME-compliant multiclient drivers, remote control Windows software and a parallel cable.

For more information contact:

45 E. St. Joseph St., Arcadia, CA 91006

Telephone: 818-445-2846
Fax: 818-445-7564
Internet Email: info@midiman.net

Press Contact: Tim Ryan
Tim's Phone: (818) 445-2842
Tim's Fax: (818) 445-7564
Tim's email tmryan@earthlinklnet

Color Slides or Black and White Pictures available on request.