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Adventures of Pieman

Thrill to the daring exploits of Pieman, a Yippie with a yen for assault with a deadly pastry! Check out the photos of famous (and infamous) people who got 'pied'! (Andy Warhol got a cherry pie thrown at him at a 'High Times' party in the Seventies because 'he had hung out with bloodthirsty the Shah of Iran'). Funny stuff!

The Legend of Pieman ****
"David Frost, William Shatner, Maharaj Ji, William F. Buckley, Daniel Moynihan, and Andy Warhol all got 'pied' by this Yippie folk hero... So did Edward Teller and Randall Terry (Operation Rescue). Check out the sight of noted homophobe 'born again' Christian Anita Bryant after SHE took it in the kisser!"

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