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David Bennahum (quaqua)
Wired Story Author
9 April 1997

Scott Edelman
Comic Strip Writer/S.F. Editor
8 April 1997

Mikolaj Czerny
Bizarre Author/Scientist
1 April 1997

Kathleen Ann Goonan
25 March 1997

Ed Felten
Professor, Internet Security Expert
20 March 1997

Doom Goes to War
Marines using Doom to train
19 March 1997

Michael Blumlein
Fiction Writer
18 March 1997

Live from CFP '97
Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy
13 March 1997

The Fatman (George Alistair Sanger)
Game Soundtrack Compose
12 March 1997

Mike Godwin
EFF staff counsel
6 March 1997

Stanton McCandlish
Webmaster and editor, EFF
20 February 1997

Joe Haldeman
18 February 1997

Jack Kennedy, Jr. (jackobite)
13 February 1997

John Kessel
Nebula-winning Author
11 February 1997

Tamara Ford
30 January 1997

"The Zapatistas declared war on the Mexican government on 1 Jan 1994, the day NAFTA went into effect. Since then, they have organized a series of meetings designed as experiments in this new open space of dialogue among people both in Mexico and internationally."

Charles Platt
29 January 1997

"You will be told that the digital picture will be wonderful, but it will be basically the same as now."

Phil Foglio
Comic Artist
28 January 1997

"For me the most interesting comics I've done are the XXXenophiles. They've been the biggest challange, and I'm pleased with the result."

Damon Knight
Sci-fi Writer
21 January 1997

"The title and what it implies hit me in the head like a bullet between one step and the next."

Rich MacKinnon
Cyber Commentator
16 January 1997

"If you carry the masquerade offline than you are subject to dual systems of justice - offline and online."

Simson L. Garfinkel
Cyber Commentator
14 January 1997

"I think that we'll see genuine intelligence from a computer in 30 years at the latest. And it will change everything. For example, should computers have privacy?"

George Alec Effinger
14 January 1997

"Moddies are artificial personalities, small enough to stick inside a skull, instead of wearing them outside."

Charles Platt
Genetic Writer
9 January 1997

"The United Nations wants to tell us that we can never "improve" our kids, because their DNA will be passed on to future generations, and their DNA jointly belongs to humanity."

Brock Meeks
Cyber-political commentator for MSNBC
9 January 1997

"I don't work for Gates, by the way. Microsoft really does have a hands-off attitude about the news room, which is one reason I decided to go to work here."

Gardner Dozois
Sci-fi Author
7 January 1997

"I think there's more good sci-fi and fantasy of many different types being published now than ever before."

Frank Drake
SETI's founder and director
7 January 1997

"I personally think love is still harder than cosmology."

Don Steinberg
6 January 1997

"What will probably happen is that the authorities will go after the big-time violators and let the small fish swim."

Mike Godwin
Flakey EFF Honcho
2 January 1997

"I'm shopping for a Hal 9000."

Neal Stephenson
17 December 1996

"Technology makes it possible to have our appendices out when they get infected, so that we are able to live long enough to get our heads out of our asses and learn about the world."

Qua! (Henry Massalin)
Computer Engineer
10 December 1996

"Some people don't like piggy-backs, that's fine. Its only the otherwise would-like-em-but-is-too-uptight-about-society-types that I particularly pester."

Andrew Leonard
Web columnist and philosopher
5 December 1996

"Individuality, schmindividuality. This ego thing is overrated. The Net will help us transcend all those petty biological limitiations on the psyche."

Mark Dery
5 December 1996

"Rheingoldian visions of virtual community vaporize on contact with the eye-crossingly inane backscatter, highfives, and armpit farts flying around here. So much for Barlow's New Home of Mind. Son of Flubber, come home; all is forgiven."

Pat Murphy
3 December 1996

"Well, I figured that the werewolf is traditionally the symbol of man's animal nature - the uncontrollable male libido. Women aren't supposed to have those. But guess what?"

Karen Joy Fowler
Author, Disco dancer
26 November 1996

"My new year's resolution was to stop pretending I'd read books I actually hadn't. It's been the toughest one to stick to. Worse even than promising to exercise."

Andrew Leonard
Cyber Commentator
21 November 1996

"Just because kids are more comfortable doesn't mean that they are doing anything worth paying attention to. A Java applet in praise of zits is not the greatest addition to civilization."

Matthew Cutler
21 November 1996

"A page with nine images on it generates ten log entries; one for the html, and one for each of the images; this is why hits have no correlation to distinct users."

Walter Jon Williams
Sci-Fi Writer
19 November 1996

"I was struck by how many mages there are in fantasy novels who are completely good, and completely disinterested, and who give the hero nothing but good advice. And I thought, what if Gandalf were an ASSHOLE!"

Jerry Berman
CDT Director
18 November 1996

"IBM, HP and others are coming up with different "exportable" key recovery systems. They really believe that criminals and terrorists will get the upper hand if they don't have government access."

Ed Regis
Bio Warfare Writer
15 November 1996

"When you're fighting a nasty enemy, you have to use the best stuff available. The main argument against biological warfare is that the agent you use could hit civilians. Otherwise, why not use it?"

Andrew Leonard
Web columnist and philosopher
14 November 1996

"What's interesting is that a lot of people are moving towards moderated chat rooms. Getting robot-moderators, or human moderators, or having predefined lists of people who aren't allowed to post or chat. So free speech seems to lead automatically to censorship."

Audrie Krause
Online Activist
14 November 1996

"I am inclined to think that students will grow up to be more intelligent adults if they are exposed to lots of views and ideas. Unfortunately, some parents feel quite the opposite and only want their children to know what they think. I think this is one of the tougher issues facing our society."

Neil Gaiman
12 November 1996

"I've written a script, for a very expensive 40-minute film, and have given it to all the producers who tell me they want to work with me, and I've said that the first one to come back with the money to make it can do it. Survival of the fittest. Or possibly the fastest."

Sameer Parekh
Cyber Rights Activist
7 November 1996

"Cause we'd be more likely to fight, which they did. If they wanted a test case, they would have picked us, but they didn't want a test case, they just wanted to be bullies."

Andrew Leonard
Cyber Commentator
7 November 1996

"My general sense is that no one is alarmed that they are all being turned, willy nilly, into walking billboards. Complacency Rules the Web!"

Bruce Sterling
Wired contributor
6 November 1996

"Actually, though I have many weird ideas, in my personal life I basically look and act like an industrial-design professor."

Jack Dann
Science Fiction author
5 November 1996

"Working *is* living in the moment. It's daydreaming. It's part of that kind of joy. I can't separate working from the rest."

Mark Pesce
Cyber Philosopher
31 October 1996

"My technofetish gene gets scared off when confronted with too explicit a statement of what's really going on."

Andrew Leonard
Cyber Commentator
31 October 1996

"I've seen a lot of neo-Adam Smith commentary about how the Web will ultimately allow for the "frictionless" operating of the free market.It will get rid of all the inequalities created by geographical dispersion."

Poppy Z. Brite
Horror Author
29 October 1996

"I have some unnerving fans, but I also have a secure home, three large dogs, and a VERY bad temper. As for fans who want me to cook them, hell, my ex-boyfriend wanted that, and it was hard to resist."

Teri Garr
25 October 1996

"Nobody recognizes me. Not often anyway. I look a lot different in person with jeans and hair hanging in my face, sort of like a dog, and nobody recognizes me."

Andrew Leonard
Cyber Commentator
24 October 1996

"An adbroker like DoubleClick, which puts ads on lots of different pages, and places an entry into your cookie file every time you visit one of those pages, can track you all over the Web."

Matthew Lyon
Author and Net historian
24 October 1996

"Licklider saw computing as a means of extending human intellectual in ways that computer scientists had not imagined."

Sean Stewart
Science-Fiction author
22 October 1996

"Most Great Fantasy books seemed to me to be based on a cosmological viewpont (e.g., Tolkien's Catholicism). So what would a 20th century, post-existentialist fantasy novel look like ... ?"

Stuttering John
Radio Personality
22 October 1996

" Probably the worst thing was when a fan of Tommy Lasorda said to me, "I don't like what you did to Tommy." (He was referring to an interview I did with Tommy, and then he threw and orange soda on me and ran out of the train.)

Andrew Leonard
Cyber Commentator
17 October 1996

"I think that when people do things that are hard, just because they want to do them, and not because they want to pay the bills, that's really neat."

Lance Rose
17 October 1996

"It means more people understanding, for the first time, what their legal relationships with others really are."

Andrew Leonard
Cyber Commentator
10 October 1996

"I think high art is just beginning to make inroads into the Web, and is running head on into the frustrations of techno-restraints."

Jim Thomas
10 October 1996

"If you consider how many are in prison for non-violent crimes, and how many for drug-related offenses, we could probably let between 25 - 50 percent of them out. Think if we could save just 10 percent of the costs, what that would do to developing front-end programs to break the cycle of crime."

Simson Garfinkel
Cyber Commentator
9 October 1996

"It seems to me that Verisign isn't selling security and it never was. Verisign is selling authentication services."

Jonathan Lethem
SF writer and founder of Head Space
8 Octob er 1996

"Put your 'editorial' voice to sleep and write whatever you want for a while. Promise yourself you'll go back and fix it later."

EF all-stars
The best of EFF
3 October 1996

Jon Lebkowsky: "The government's position on encryption capitalizes on fear."

Andrew Leonard
Cyber Commentator
12 September 1996

"I have no gripes about Microsoft succeeding if it truly has the better browser. What pisses me off is having my hand forced."

Simson Garfinkel
Cyber Commentator
11 September 1996

"There is an old joke in voice recognition. 'Let's wreck a nice beach.' Which of course means 'Let's recognize speech.'

Mickey Hart
Grateful Dead drummer, author
11 September 1996

"Once you start listening to things with the proper ear, then much is music.So John [Cage] was the kind of guy who would even call silence 'music.' 'How dare he, myGod!' People would walk out. But now, it is the spaces in between."

Kathe Koja
10 September 1996

"A reviewer called me 'Proust on speed'... I think the voice is intrinsic to the story, without it the story cannot happen. Just like our own voices when we talk."

Heather Millar
Satellite Business Reporter
10 September 1996

"The big problem is coming up with a cheap, or a reusable launch vehicle. If we can do that, there are already not-too-flakey businessmen talking about orbiting sex hotels!"

Gwyneth Jones
Science Fiction Novelist
3 September 1996

"It's no use just writing science fiction about sex. You have to be awkward about it, and annoy at least some people, in some unexpected way."

Marilyn Davis
Software Entrepreneur-Political Activist
29 August 1996

"Moving from 'pretend' democracy to real democracy starts with experimentation with real democracy. It starts with people knowing that it's time to experiment."

Andrew Leonard
Cyber Commentator
29 August 1996

"How can the Web be a promotional tool to those who aren't on the Web? Apparently, email messages mean nothing to congresspeople. Even less to the Chinese communists."

John Heilemann
Hot Wired Political Correspondent
28 August 1996

"Cuomo and Jackson etc all think Clinton is a whore, but they also are pragmatists, scared shitless by the prospect of the Republican revolution going forward. They too will suck it up."

Simson Garfinkel
Cyber Commentator
28 August 1996

"The cable companies have a problem. They don't understand interaction very well. (They) do not understand that people want to be able to publish in addition to surfing, so their systems are not set up well for doing things like webserving."

Rick Maechling
Martian meteorite co-analyzer
27 August 1996

"We have found mineralogical and chemical evidence that would suggest that we found an organism."

Kimberly James Heitman
Chairperson of Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc.
22 August 1996

"I support the right of anyone to complain to a sysadmin over any posting. That is free speech, too. It is not banning speech by the government, and I don't think that a user of an account is able to enforce a right to post whatever they please against their server."

Andrew Leonard
Cyber-author, columnist, journalist
22 August 1996

"I'm less interested in gaming than in the communities that grow up around games.

Matthew Gaylor
Libertarian activist
15 August 1996

"I think one of the larger lies in our society is the individual is powerless to affect social change."

Simson Garfinkel
Technology Columnist
14 August 1996

"The nice thing about open standards like HTML and HTTP is that it doesn't matter if Netscape's server is moving faster than Microsoft's. That's because you can use Microsoft's browser with Netscape's server. In the long run, Netscape is going to have a hard time trying to sell a product that Microsoft has bundled into the operating system."

Marc Okrand
Father of the Klingon Language
13 August 1996

"I don't speak Klingon at home myself. Except to some telephone solicitors. But there are people who do. I even know one person who is teaching his year-old son to speak Klingon."

Ed Leonard
Founder of the Electronic Scriptorium
8 August 1996

"Monks need to make a living like the rest of you. The computer provides a method to earn a good living but not have to travel to an 8-5 job."

Beth Meacham
sci-fi editor
6 August 1996

"The mass market paperback is already dead. The corpse is beginning to stink."

David Kaplan
Aum Cult Researcher
6 August 1996

"This was the world's first hi-tech death cult. Scientists from all disciplines joined: biologists, physicists, doctors."

EFF Allstars
Electronic Frontier Forum's Allstars
1 August 1996

"One principle said that the G-7 would 'accelerate consultations on encryption that allows, when necessary, lawful government access to data and communications in order to prevent or investigate acts of terrorism, while protecting the privacy of legitimate communications.'"

bianca Trolls
Creators of bianca's Smut Shack
18 July 1996

Thau: "Actually, we define smut in its broadest sense. Food can be smutty to the hungry."

Michael Kandel
Sci-fi novelist
16 July 1996

"It's true that in the world of books a book with a kid protagonist is seen as young-adult. But I guess what I do is really a little too dark for the little darlings."

Chip Bayers and Mark Stahlman Culmination of the infamous BrainTennis debate
11 July 1996

Stahlman: "The pullout of consumer ads is already underway and will become so obvious in 6 to 9 months that TIME will have to do a cover story on it."

Eric Hughes
Cryptographer, privacy advocate, digital anarchist
11 July 1996

"Anonymity is not about destroying society, it's about restructuring it."

Michael Burton
John Henry Faulk's Biographer
20 June 1996

"John Henry Faulk was the only person to take the fear-mongers who called him a communist to court and win a large libel suit, effectively ending blacklisting as we know it today."

Kevin J. Anderson
Science Fiction Author
11 June 1996

"I don't take vacations! Vacations are for wimps! (Or for those who can't figure out how to do some sort of location-specific work so that the vacation becomes a tax write-off!)."

Robert X. Cringely
11 June 1996

"Bill Gates is not as tough as he seems. I've watched him a few times when some techie gets over being intimidated and lets Bill have it at a trade show. He hasn't written code since 1983, so Bill is just a little past it. He's a businessman."

Donna L. Hoffman
WWW Analyst
29 May 1996

"People WANT to connect with other people. That is the essence of being human. Commercial efforts that recognize this have the potential to be extremely successful."

Bradley Denton
21 May 1996

"I figured that if my readers wanted to read another book like Blackburn, they'd probably just rather read Blackburn again."

Steve Steinberg
Indexing the Web
16 May 1996

"On images, another interesting project is going on at Berkeley. They have developed some software that can identify with 80 percent accuracy images that show naked humans. You can see some obvious Web applications..."

Kathy Smyth
Founder of Cleveland's Alzheimer's network
14 May 1996

"We all have memory problems, and sometimes they increase with age. But the problems that come with AD are in a special league. They really interfere with your ability to function day to day. Like the difference between not being able to find your car keys and forgetting what the car keys are for."

Karen Joy Fowler
Author, disco dancer
7 May 1996

"I think the strength in our field is mainly in the short fiction. Gibson, for example, only one example of many, writes much better short fiction than novels, in my opinion. Maybe I can't sustain the belief required for SF over the course of most novels. But I love the quick kill of SF short stuff."

All-Star Panel
EFF Activists Forum
2 May 1996

salgak/Keith G (EFM): "My pals on the Hill mostly ignore email anyway, and all the White House does is sort and count messages."

Meg Hamel
The Nebula Awards
30 April 1996

"The trophy is an enormous block of lucite with some planetoid spheres and a little red swirly nebula embedded in the block. I think the planets look like the big gobstopper candies I used to eat as a kid."

Ann Beeson
ACLU's Net Expert
25 April 1996

Ann Beeson: "Judge Dalzell asked Dr. Olsen (the BYU witness for the govt) whether he thought a student's message to a newsgroup with the subject line "Fuck the CDA" would be covered by the law, and the government witness said yes!"
Jon Lebkowsky: "Aim at that foot, and shoot."

Fakir Musafar
Body modifier
24 April 1996

"Over the long haul it's been my experience that the planning, preparation, and ritual of actually doing the modification is the true magic. And if an ornament remains afterward it is only a reminder of the magic that happened at that moment."

Ed Cavazos
Attorney, cyberspace author
18 April 1996

"Internet business is a high-growth area, but there will be more losers than winners. Unfortunately , there will always be disputes, and thus, always a need for lawyers."

Karen Joy Fowler
17 April 1996

"My own connection with baseball is that the field in my back yard is where I first learned that I was a girl and that this was the wrong sex to be. So I imagine my feelings about its cultural importance, while strong, are of a different sort."

Andrew Leonard
12 April 1996

"Some people would argue that as soon as bots really are artificially intelligent, then that's it for us humans. They'll just take off and leave us behind, or snuff us out because we're too much trouble."

Charles Platt
Writer, anti-censorship advocate
10 April 1996

"It's difficult to get rid of bad laws. That's why there is still a law on the books today criminalizing the publication of information about abortion."

Paul Williams
Sci-fi writer, editor, fan
9 April 1996

"Yeah, Brian [Wilson] stared at me in his kitchen and said, "Didn't we meet at an airport?" I was impressed, because we did, at JFK in 1968. He has a surprising memory."

Todd Lappin
Editor, anti-censorship advocate
4 April 1996

"Get active, and get OFFLINE! We need to express ourselves in meatspace. That means rallies, letters to Congress, and get this ... VOTING!"

Antero Alli
Writer, publisher, astrologer
3 April 1996

"The Drivetime is this movie Rob Brezsny and me made to scare the living daylights out of people who are living in the past and do not know it."

Jacques Leslie
3 April 1996

"The planners of free flight are trying to institute the system without putting unequipped planes at a disadvantage. This is one of the reasons why making the transition to free flight is vastly complicated."

Greg Frost
2 April 1996

"The spiritualist is artful, perhaps by nature. Whether or not deceitful has yet to be established, but when I witness such a performance, when I see her come to her senses before her clients can elude her in their misery, what am I to make of it? I cannot help but suspect."

Phil Patton
Author, UAV expert
22 March 1996

"Oh, well missiles are getting more expensive, and UAVs are getting stealthier both for radar and infared. Some even have decoys foil and flares and such."

Sameer Parekh
Programmer, entrepeneur, activist
21 March 1996

"There are easier ways to trace an alpha person than a warrant, which someone like your local law enforcement or the FBI probably couldn't do; but the NSA could do it."

Paco Xander Nathan
Fringeware honcho
20 March 1996

"We've got a "guerilla media virus" thing going on here ... there's actually five people now running different parts of the business and taking turns on the register too. Plus, we use a lot of machines."

Stephen Levy
Garage cryptohacker
13 March 1996

"What you really want is a way to send messages that are automatically private, to have the crypto built in, so you know that when you scramble a message, the person on the other end will be able to read it ... and no one else."

Shelley Jackson
Hypertext author
12 March 1996

"Hypertext is an umbrella term that covers a lot of different kinds of structures. Most basically, I guess, it's a text made up of multiple writing spaces/windows/lexias that can be linked in as many ways as the writer wants...."


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