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Emmanuel Goldstein
Editor and publisher
7 March 1996

"Basically, we are revealing everything there is to know about the Secret Service as a direct result of their prosecution of one of our writers."

Tod Booth
Hong Kong film critic
6 March 1996

"Nothing to do with actors. It's just the Hollywood processing that goes on. Woo for instance wanted Slater to die in the movie. But Hollywood doesn't *let* its movie stars die."

Alexander Jablokow
Sci-fi novelist
5 March 1996

"Let's face it. No one's ever going to live on Mars. So is it science fiction or fantasy?"

St. Jude and R. U. Sirius
29 February 1996

"In the near future, all forms of media will be heavily censored to disneyesque proportions (in the '50s sense) and tobacco, fur, virtual reality, and steak with french fries will all be illegal."

Combustible Edison
Lizards of lounge
28 February 1996

"The world will be a better - or at least a suaver - place when the bejeweled tones of vibraphone and ondioline are singing their siren song to the public through every available means of transmission that today's technology affords."

Declan McCullagh
Online activist
22 February 1996

"In fact, we feel that the 'patently offensive' provisions included in the law help our case, since they're so *obviously* unconstitutional."

Mark Dery
Culture jammer
21 February 1996

"De Chardin's attempt to reconcile deism with Darwinian evolution obviously strikes a responsive chord in an age of angel contactees, near-death tunnel vision, and techno-eschatological rhapsodies."

Raphael Carter
Sci-fi novelist
20 February 1996

"Too many fiction and science fiction novels seem like the worlds were laid out with a straight edge and compass."

Shabbir Safdar and Jonah Seiger
Telecommunications watchdog
15 February 1996

"If I can't defend the free speech of those I most violently disagree with, then I don't have any free speech myself."

Cypress Hill
Blunted hip hoppers
15 February 1996

"I just like water bongs. It's plain and simple and you get high."

Kitaka Gara
Club Ecstasy den mother
14 February 1996

"Most clients wear regular clothes to the door and bring in a bag of lingerie and their toys, like dildos, handcuffs, whips, feather boas, and whatever turns you on."

Cocteau Twins
Ambient pop legends
12 February 1996

"We met Brian (Eno) once, but he thought we were fine on our own."

Mike Godwin
Staff counsel for EFF
8 February 1996

"Well, if you think obscenity's definition is vague, try 'indecency,' a word to which the Supreme Court has never given a definition."

Ken Miller
7 February 1996

"It's interesting to see a 7-year-old boy eating a lollipop and next to him a 19-year-old holding a gun up."

James Patrick Kelly
Science fiction writer
6 February 1996

"Actually, I think some of the reason why our print vehicles are in trouble is that we're experiencing too much competition from Wired, et al."

Electronic Frontiers Forum
Cyberarts and censorship
1 February 1996

"I suppose that a XXX bookstore would be an analogy to the garbage dump: you can't really make garbage go away, but you can dump it somewhere so you don't have to look at it. Or smell it."

Gary Wolf
Marshall Mcluhan, as channeled by Gary Wolf
1 February 1996

"HotWired is so experimental, so new, and it is growing and changing so fast, that I'm not sure anybody can point to themselves and say, 'Hey, I'm really effective.'"

Kate Bornstein
Gender outlaw
31 January 1996

"I think gender is simply a system of classification. It's a class system over which we have little say, and until recently little recourse."

Jonathan Lethem
12 Monkeys and fantasy film
30 January 1996

"The logical problem is that if she succeeds in thwarting the virus, then the future that she comes from no longer exists, so she's either impossible or committing suicide...."

Steve Jackson
He sued the government, and won!
25 January 1996

"We eventually found out that they suspected one of our editors of being a ringleader of an international conspiracy to destroy the 911 system."

Carla Sinclair and Tiffany Lee Brown
Net chicks
24 January 1996

"Sorry if the bra doesn't give you good answers, but I am not responsible."

Phil Patton
Programmer, entrepreneur
22 March 1996

"Gadget began in the mind of Haruhiko Shono of Tokyo. I first saw it as an advertisement in Wired and got all excited. Like it was something that had dribbled out of my own brain."

John Markoff
Co-author of Takedown
19 January 1996
"For me, this is the scenario: I have glass windows on my house because I like to see the light. Should I be blamed if someone throws a rock through the window to get in?"

Joan La Barbara
Experimental vocalist
15 January 1996

"I ... realized that I could sing higher and lower than I had been trained to expect of my voice, by imitating other instrumentalists' sounds."

Arthur van Hoff
Java virtuoso
12 January 1996

"I believe that Java is creating a new software industry for the Internet."

Pat Murphy
Fantasy writer
10 January 1996

"A lot of what people call feminism, to my mind, is simply attention to and interest in a woman's perspective on things."

David Kline
4 January 1996

"What I propose is that government stop trying to be this big government manager of daily life, but still maintain itself as a smaller but potent force against environmental degradation and against the absolute rule of monopolies."

Shonen Knife
Japanese punk divas
14 December 1995

"When I looked at the mushrooms, I was reminded of mushroom shaped clouds from an atomic bomb ... and also magical mushrooms."

Alex Cohen
Sci-fi filmster
12 December 1995

"I've been wrestling with the term cyberpunk for some time. I think one of the best cyberpunk films of all time is in fact (no surprise here) A Clockwork Orange."

Danny Hillis
Computer scientist
6 December 1995

"Actually, Feynman's death was one of the things that got me thinking about long time scales because he had a theory that his information content would outlive him in the ideas he planted in other people's minds. It made him very comfortable about dying."

Doug Robinson
Cyborg expert
5 December 1995

"Some guy in the Old Testament reached out to stabilize the Ark of the Covenant in the battlefield, and God struck him dead on the spot. People were a little leery of translating the sucker after that."

David Kline
Net market guru
4 December 1995

"HotWired will probably survive because it has a totally distinct (and often annoying) attitude and identity. But there won't be room for five HotWireds, five Web Reviews, and five Salons."

John Perry Barlow
Co-founder of the EFF
30 November 1995

"As for Congress, I doubt there's much anybody can do now. I think we need to ignore them as much as possible. I'm not saying we should remain silent, but we should also recognize their irrelevance and not be too troubled by their impotent flailings."

Sherry Turkle
Computer sociologist
30 November 1995

"There needs to be places just to fantasize and places where people do take responsibility for who they 'are' ... I think online life will make room for both."

Mike Lavella
29 November 1995

"All I know is the speedo on my '68 Charger goes to 150 mph and I plan on hitting that soon ... I may have to change my rearend gears first though."

Ask Allison
28 November 1995

"I am not a mythical media magnet ... I'm just a woman named Allison who writes a column."

Ngaire Genge
28 November 1995

"Trekkers are more curious about the SF world while XFers are more curious about this world. Different outlook altogether."

Lance Olsen
Postmodern writer
22 November 1995

"Cyberpunk is both a marketing scam and a subset of avant-pop ... not to mention a place to find really interesting fiction handling ideas that other, deader fiction, doesn't even dream of handling."

Ralph Merkle
Nanotechnology expert
21 November 1995

"Nanotechnology will bring to the manufacture of essentially all products the kind of economics we see today in software: design costs dominate, while manufacturing and distribution costs shrink to relative insignificance."

George Lin
Weekend hobo
20 November 1995

"If you sleep with your head pointed toward the front of the train, and it suddenly stops, you'll break your neck. You can suffocate in long mountain tunnels too."

Neal Stephenson
Cyberpunk visionary
16 November 1995

"Just as I don't want to have total strangers in my neighborhood doing surveillance on me, I don't want strangers on the Net doing it either. Instead I'd like a close relationship with a specific group of people in some other country who are familiar with my face and with my comings and goings."

Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair
Bublishers of bOING bOING
15 November 1995

"Happy mutants (neophilic optimisticus) groove on change and unhappy mutants (neophilic pessimisticus) like change to escape misery, while normals (neophobe sixpackus) are deathly afraid of change."

Jeff Noon
Cyberpunk writer
14 November 1995

"At first they're taking pills, or using syringes. But I thought that was too boring. So I had this dream about flying. Like a bird, eight miles high. I imagined the feathers on that bird as food, fuel,treasure."

Alice Joanou
Erotic fiction writer
8 November 1995

"I don't really make elite distinctions between porn and erotica. I think erotica is a more polite way of saying the same thing, and it implies a genteel embarrassment about writing explicitly on sex."

Lawrence Krauss
7 November 1995

"I believe science should be more well merged with popular culture ... what better way than to see how it relates to a pop culture icon like Star Trek?"

The Sucksters
They Suck
3 November 1995

"We always knew we were whores. We've been surprised at how cheap we actually are."

Sven Birkerts
author of The Gutenberg Elegies
2 November 1995

"Heraclitus said that the mixture that is not shaken soon stagnates, and I think there's an astonishing complacency about the arrival into our lives of a whole new cognitive paradigm."

Bruce Sterling
Author of Mirrorshades
2 November 1995

"When we're all beyond Thunderdome fighting for supplies of gasoline and bustieres he's gonna be smoking dollar cigars in his CD-ROM-lined fallout shelter."

Paul Mavrides
Comic artist
1 November 1995

"I feel pity on those who attend 'art schools.' When I walk into an art school, I feel like I've entered the house of Satan."

Mark Amerika
Avant-pop writer
31 October 1995

"The idea of total control is appealing ... and it works for some forms of writing I like myself. But I also like the potential social environments that a cyberspatial writing environment may create."

Jeff Greenwald
Travel writer
27 October 1995

"The advantage (of nontechnological travel) is that you get to see how the big the world really is - you lose the artificial miniaturization that air travel brings."

Michael Manning
Artist and author of The Spider Garden
25 October 1995

"I have always drawn. I think I drew my first erotic images when I was 9 or 10. Hormones kicking in."

Stewart Brand
Cofounder of both The Well and GBN
20 October 1995

"That's the most sensible combination, personally optimistic enough to take on things, publicly pessimistic enough to seek out real problems to work on and not to expect too much success right away."

Carl Weingarten
Indie Musician
18 October 1995

"The all LIVE recording meant no going back to fix the bad note ... it's there for life. Luckily, everything went fine."

Paul Saffo
Luminary futurist
13 October 1995

"First, 'futurism' was an art/social movement in the early part of this century in Italy. A cousin to other modernist movements, the futurists wanted to erase history, burn the old libraries, etc., and start out with a fresh slate."

Deborah Jaffe
Sadomasochist artist
4 October 1995

"It can be kinda embarrassing to know that so many people might know some of my deep-seated fantasies or life experiences. But that's what being an artist is about: being naked when you want to be, or need to be."

Bret Easton Ellis
Brat-pack novelist
29 September 1995

"I think that doing or trying drugs is a right of passage amongst the American youth, as much as the SATs, drivers licenses, etc. Drugs just seem to be something my characters like to do."

Eric Kroll
Fetish photographer
27 September 1995

"I just had my 250-pound friend Ralph in from Yonkers. He got naked and Anna Noell whipped him for photographs, and his and her pleasure. The neighbors across the street in my new neighborhood called the cops."

Eileen Gunn
26 September 1995

"Well, there were these mysteries I noticed when cleaning up his apartment. Like the small Shinto shrine, which his son said that Avram believed contained the spirit of Davidson's mother."

Carl Stone
Sonic purist composer
20 September 1995

"When I lived in Tokyo I collected many, many hours of raw sounds from Tokyo streets. I proposed to make a composition from them, and in the end, the radio station Tokyo-FM commissioned it."

Kathy Acker
13 September 1995

"Sometimes I think everyone in my books is horny, stupid, and violent. It makes me giggle."

David Gans
Host of the weekly Grateful Dead Hour radio show
7 September 1995

"I think it's a mistake to assume that Jerry was the soul of the band. He was the most eloquent voice, and the most reliable source of ideas in his prime, but he started checking out a while ago and the rest of the band has grown tremendously in recent years."

Jack Womack
Sci-fi author
29 August 1995

"Ray, wrath, mirth, no difference, it's all grist for the mill. The sort of things I like are the Zig-Zag and Swirl theory of Suction and Pressure."

Dale Pendell
24 August 1995

"Elephants travel long distances to find alcohol, and put on God's own drunk trumpeting, standing off by themselves, and generally being un-elephantish."

Susie Bright
Sex-positive educator
23 August 1995

"...There are many other European, Latin American, African cultures which are more relaxed and accepting. I would say the difference is that women's status is a lot higher in North America but so is our degree of alienation from the body."

Alan Elms
Author of Uncovering Lives: The Uneasy Alliance of Biography and Psychology
22 August 1995

"Robert E. Howard used his invention of Conan and other heroes to defend himself against anxieties about separating from his mother, being unable to control his anger, etc. - so when his mother died, the fiction no longer helped even temporarily, and he killed himself."

Robert Morrison
Executive director of the American Music Conference
17 August 1995

"A vaporizing file is a file which when sent over the internet onto a users system is then unpacked. Once unpacked the user is able to print the file to get the music. Once printed the file vaporizes...."

Steel Pole Bath Tub
Quirky San Francisco indie trio
16 August 1995

"OK, one more time. In the back of one of those True Crime magazines there was a cross-reference of murders crossing place of murder with weapon used. Put the right two together and voilà: Steel Pole Bath Tub!"

Bryan Cholfin
15 August 1995

"I'll publish anyone that's good enough. I've published a few relatively new writers already. But the slush pile presents pretty slim pickings, perhaps one in 1,500 or so is any good."

Timothy Leary
High priest of psychedelia
10 August 1995

"I had a hard time finding a cop in the airport. Finally, by the metal detector, there was a policeman. I asked him if smoking was a crime and he said 'yes.' I lit my cigarette in front of him and was honored to be illegal."

Mary E. S. Morris
Author of HTML for Fun and Profit
9 August 1995

"An HTML author with CGI experience in hot areas like Silicon Valley can do US$50 to $75 an hour. Small towns with a college may get you $7 an hour. My advice is: Telecommute."

Richard Kadrey
Veteran science fiction writer
8 August 1995

"My original idea for the book was a lot more like the South American writers (Márquez, Cortázar, etc.) who inspired it. I had several false starts trying to figure out an American, postindustrial version of their school of magic realism."

Don Was
7 August 1995

"The last good video I've seen was Bob Dylan's Don't Look Back - that was 30 years ago. Everything after that has essentially been an unsightly growth on the skin of good pop songs."

John Kessel
Nebula Award-winning author
1 August 1995

"Some people in the past have had more trouble dealing with the tensions of workshops than others, but most SF pros are, amazingly enough, pretty reasonable creatures. With the occasional maniac. That can be interesting, too."

Jaron Lanier
Founder of virtual reality
24 July 1995

"I just did a new music piece where a virtual world is controlled by an acoustic sax. I've also been involved lately in applications of VR to surgery. AND I'm still involved in trying to make great VR authoring tools.... "

The Residents
Anonymous multimedia band
20 July 1995

"No one person can claim they have discovered anything ... these techniques have been used for so many years by all kinds of experimenters."

Railroad Jerk
Indie dirt-rock band
19 July 1995

"Drink whiskey, shoot heroin, snort cocaine and join the catholic church ... and eventually a good women/man will fuck you over ... blues/shmooze!"

Laurie Anderson
Performance artist
18 July 1995

"....some caves on the border of Hungary and Slovakia - I was just there two weeks ago - they're amazing - I'm working on transcribing some scribbles on the walls of the caves (6,000 years old) into music."

Joey Ramone
Lead singer of the Ramones
17 July 1995

"Hang in there. If you believe what your doing is unique. Otherwise give up or sound like Nirvana or Pearl Jam."

Jeffrey Klein
Founding editor of Mother Jones and mojo wire
14 July 1995

"Toward the end of her life, she was introduced to a college audience as 'Great humanitarian,' and she shot back, 'GET IT RIGHT! I'm a Hellraiser!' We're named for her."

Pell Mell
Indie rockers
6 July 1995

"Let's see... 1) good coffee, 2) clean tape heads, 3) an even keel, 4) a willingness to experiment, 5) a good demagnetizer... Steve will have to tell you 6-10!"

Mike Langberg
CD-ROM expert
27 June 1995

"What doesn't work (in the CD-ROM medium) is merely moving stuff from another medium, just dumping text from a book or footage from a TV show or movie."

King Crimson
Progressive rockers
26 June 1995

"I hate that book - the publishers made me do it. (this reply is from the band, but Bill Bruford seems not to be here ... that's why we answered for him!)"

Malcolm CasSelle
Cofounder, Netnoir
21 June 1995

"On the Web, it's impossible to know time elements. Caching of sites is the worst thing for entities like HotWired, especially if they try to sell on 'hits.' It's sort of like the 'pass around' quotient in magazines: nobody really can rely on those numbers for sales."

Bruce Tognazzini
Interface designer
14 June 1995

"The Trinitron picture tube has been the only major advance (in the last 40 years). Still, the worst CRT is better than the best flat panel. Two things will change in the next year or two. There's a new CRT technology that enables screens to be flat, fast, and inexpensive."

Aaron Barnhart
David Letterman FAQmeister
2 June 1995

"Part of Dave's genius is that he just lets these things take on lives of their own. Supposedly he reported 'hail the size of canned hams' 25 years ago as a weatherman. I think you can trace most Dave-isms back at least 15 to 20 years."

Malcolm McLaren
Cultural icon
26 May 1995

"Subculture lies in the invisible: invisible fashion, invisible pop music, and invisible poetry and invisible revolutions. In other words, an extraordinary amount of tiny conspiracies of science."

Nick West
Multimedia dood
24 May 1995

"We imagine ourselves to be an example of what the Web could be in 3 to 5 years: a place where people can hook their full-motion, live interactive spaces to."

Jenny Holzer
Postmodern artist
23 May 1995


Donna Hoffman and Thomas Novak
Internet marketing experts
15 May 1995

"Successful sites seems to be those that can effectively be presented in text. For example, Internet Shopping Network, CDNow!, HotWired, and so on. They have graphics as well, but the graphics are not *essential* for the marketing purposes."

Jon Katz
Media critic
12 May 1995

"It was quite shocking to see how closely the Net fits into original notions of media, those envisioned by Paine and Jefferson especially. They created a media of individuals, not of corporations and they saw it as a forum of ferocious and free-spirited debate."

Lee Ranaldo
Sonic Youth guitarist
11 May 1995

"The only time we really did spoken together was about a year ago at the Knit, and it is documented on that record they just put out. It was a very diff gig being the night it was announced Kurt had died."

Gary Chapman
5 May 1995

"I'm not criticizing Wired for being targeted at an affluent audience. I'm criticizing it for its consumerism, its apparent disregard for basic social responsibility, its solipsistic, libertarian, free-market values, its hype, etc."

Richard Dawkins
DNA authority
27 April 1995

"Cultural relativism, I believe, is the view that all cultures have an equal claim to the truth - i.e., that there is nothing special about western scientific truth. I think the proof of western scientific truth is that it works. Boeing aircraft fly. Magic carpets don't. Western science works."

Tapa Artists
From Papua, New Guinea
25 April 1995

"I feel sad, because in its original sense its usage was for us to wear on ceremonial occasions for identification purposes and now it is hanging on the wall as decoration. These are the things we have considered: protecting our environment versus destroying part of our culture."

Chris Peterson
Nanotechnology expert
19 April 1995

"It's really hard unless he's a book reader. Unbounding the Future has been called 'the nanotechnology book to give your mom.' It would probably work on a dad too."

Larry Rinder & Lafcadio Cortesi
On the tapa exhibition
11 April 1995

"When they stopped, one of the chiefs came forward and gave a speech welcoming us but also warning us that some of the people who had come before had misled them and that he hoped our intentions were honorable."

Bruce Sterling
Sci-fi writer
7 April 1995

"I figure the Web is worth about 36 months of the future of this planet, anyhow... Before it's replaced worldwide by something rather higher in tech. It's kind of like performance art. That doesn't mean I don't waste a lot of time messing with it, however."

Dr. Lance Hoffman
Security expert
28 March 1995

"Nothing is ever completely secure ... If you have perfectly secure encryption, but the authorized recipient leaves the plain text message out for anyone to read after he or she decrypts it, you still have a security breach."

Michael Collins
23 March 1995

"I don't think Gen-X exists. This 18- to 34-year-old generation is the most ethnically and racially diverse generation ever. To lump them all together as a generation is not that accurate."

Jonathan Lethem
Noir-tech novelist
17 March 1995

"I like to collide genres because they resonate with one another but are loaded with different iconography. A spur is deeply different from a spaceship ... but I'm fascinated by those relationships and juxtapositions."

Po Bronson
Young literary phenom
16 March 1995

"I've seen so many deserving books fall through the cracks that I panicked and invented this 'share selling' to get some attention."

John December
Author, The World Wide Web Unleashed
14 March 1995

"I see the possibilities for hyperpoetry to evolve on the Web, creating new forms. The power of the Web is in its essence as a system for associative linking - this is precisely the power of metaphor, the heart of poetry."

Mark Leyner
Way pomo author
13 March 1995

"I have this dream ... well it's actually my new book in which I'm taught the severe rigors of sexuality by the warden of the prison where my father is being put to death... so perhaps Faye could, may I dream, be that very instructive warden."

Stephen Levy
Technology columnist, Newsweek
2 March 1995

"Wired was first to identify in a big way this cyberenchilada, but it doesn't OWN it. It's like Apple in 1980 - the question is how to hold the audience when everybody else has the same idea now."

John Seabrook
Pop-culture writer at The New Yorker
1 March 1995

"I feel the backlash will run for another year or two at least, as all the bright dreams fade because everything isn't happening at warp speed, the way people like me suggested it would. Maybe three years."

R.U. Sirius
Cyberpunk luminary
23 February 1995

"Before Mondo, people used to see new communications tech like virtual reality and be astounded. Now they complain because it doesn't grant them instant psychedelic enlightenment and clean out their arteries with nanobytes."

Julian Dibbell
On viruses
22 February 1995

"I'd been interested in the notion of viruses as graffiti for a long time but I didn't realize how interestingly the question of viruses as expression played out. Particularly as regards the publication of virus source code."

Neal Stephenson
Author of Snow Crash and The Diamond Age
19 January 1995

"I think that linear novels are a pretty powerful art form and that they will be around for a long time, most likely on plain old paper, since reading from a screen is a pain in the ass and one doesn't need a computer to display a linear, noninteractive work."

Donna Hoffman and Thomas Novak
Associate professors of marketing at Vanderbilt University
4 January 1995

"A Nielsen-style system is problematic because it focuses on the numbers, not on usage and behavior. So it would have to be modified to satisfy us. In other words, a head count alone is not enough."

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