Duke's Strippers Will Stay

The long-awaited answer to the censorship issue may end up being a compromise

"It is believed that the strippers will perhaps wear extra-long T-shirts"

N64.com learned today from sources close to Eurocom, the Duke Nukem's developer, that the "politically incorrect" strippers are likely to stay in the upcoming GT Interactive game, Duke Nukem 3D for Nintendo 64.

But just how will strippers show up in the squeaky clean Nintendo game library without being censored? It is believed that the strippers, who only really appear in a few levels of the PC-based game (but nonetheless are in involved in the game's mood and feel), will perhaps wear extra-long T-shirts.

However, the shirts also will read politically incorrect slogans on them like, "Eat me," or "Wear fur," for instance, and the women, who could be shot (and then transformed into aliens) in the previous PC game, will not be blown to pieces anymore.

Representatives from GT Interactive could not comment on the status of the strippers, although they say they were still considering how to work them into the game. More importantly, they revealed important news on the gameplay elements in the final version. Duke Nukem 3D will almost definitely have all of the levels from the original PC game, plus the levels from the Plutonium Pack (extra levels), plus seven brand new levels designed specifically for Nintendo 64's version.

Dan Harnett, corporate communications manager at GT Interactive told N64.com, "The game will be bloody as all hell."

It's also believed that many of the new levels will be familiar in a very strange way. How so? Duke Nukem 3D may contain levels that are parodies of other Nintendo 64 games, like levels from, for instance, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter or Mortal Kombat Trilogy.