Total Recall

The other day, I encountered a photograph of an 8-year-old girl holding a pen in her left hand. She is smiling wide-eyed into the camera lens and seems caught in the act of writing.
This is a common enough image.

But the girl in the picture is me, and I am right-handed! Did the photographer print the picture in reverse? Or was I pretending to be something I was not (i.c., at the time, being left-handed seemed to me the summum of Genius). Why on earth did I do this? Was I experimenting for the first time with the power of simulation, the power to make people believe and take for granted that what is NOT?

Until this day I try to see what is not to be seen and to show others that what you see, is what you see not. For, in my opinion seeing is not of the eye and the intellect alone. It is a state of mind, 'a sense total'. To create a sense total is what art is about.
All the rest is pastiche.