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Multi-Platform Disk
Data Sheet Description Host Interface Specifications
SCSI Extender
Serial or Fast and wide SCSI bus to Extender up to 20 Kilometers Vault, CD, Tape or Disk Typical Config. Chart
ranges rom 2GB to 704GB in a 4 drawer rack.
Multiple platforms. Multiple systems. Multiple applications. SCSI-2 Fast and Narrow, or SCSI-2 Fast and Wide Differential Specifications

ranges from 4GB to 528GB in a 6 drawer cabinet.
High Performance, High Availability Storage uniquely suited for Departments and Workgroups. SCSI-2 Fast and Wide Differential Specifications

ranges from 4GB to 369GB in a 6 drawer cabinet.
The Ideal Storage Solution for Low-End UNIX and PC Servers.
SCSI Fast and Wide Differential Specifications

ranges from 4GB to 792 GB in a 3 drawer cabinet.
The High-Capacity, High-Performance Storage Solution for Mission-Critical Corporate Computing. SCSI-2 Fast and Wide Differential, Fiber Channel (FCAL Q2 '97) Specifications

Enterprise Disk
News Release: IBM and Storage Technology sign worldwide OEM agreement to give customers a broader range of storage products ...
Product Description
Virtual Architecture Unlike traditional storage systems, the RAMAC Virtual Array Storage System (RVA) uses virtual architecture providing unique features like:
  • stores only written data... does not waste capacity for unallocated, or allocated but unused space.
  • on the fly addition or deletion of up to 256 volumes.
  • value added products like SnapShot.


  • self tuning, dual redundant (RAID-6) disk arrays.
  • industry leading IBM Ultastar 2XP disk drives.
  • fully integrated with System Managed Storage (SMS).
  • Dramaticly improved performance with RVA2 TURBO (up to 100%)!
IXFP IBM Extended Facilities Product is a complimentary software product used for reporting, configuration, and other RVA functions.

SnapShot is a breakthrough product in data storage. It can duplicate views of datasets and entire volumes in just seconds!  SnapShot is enabled by the virtual architecture of the RAMAC Virtual Array:

SnapShot can:

  • save you hours of time from your batch window.
  • improve business productivity (increase application availability)
  • enhance critical business applications (data mining, disaster recovery, creation of test data, backup processing, and year 2000 testing)
Scalable Array Storage If screaming performance and ultra-high I/O throughput are paramount to you, the RAMAC Scalable Array 2 (RSA2) is the answer. The RSA2 can be scaled to fit your individual needs, whether performance, capacity, or both!

The RSA also features:

  • fault tolerant RAID 5 disk arrays
  • up to 4 Gb of mirrored cache
  • hot-pluggable IBM 9Gb Scorpion disk drives
  • redundant power systems
  • non-disruptive maintenance
RAID and OnlinePlus Overviews
RAID: an Overview A RAID is a Redundant Array of Independent Disks, a method of organizing small format disk devices to drastically increase I/O bandwidth and improve data availability. The concept of a RAID subsystem was originally postulated and described in the 1987 Berkeley paper A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) (1). Since the publication of this paper, extensions have been made to the original RAID taxonomy.
OnlinePlus Overview OnlinePlus from Storage Technology is the business solution for companies looking for more than just data storage. It is a powerful alliance between industry-leading data storage products, the people who support these products worldwide and an attitude-an attitude based on the singular philosophy that you, the customer, will always come first.
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