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Welcome to Illuminati Online's account information management system. You can use this interface to edit any or all of the information below. Please note that any changes will go into effect within 30 minutes.

Password: Your password is what allows our system to verify that you are in fact who you claim to be. You password should be something that is unique and not in the dictionary; combinations of numbers and letters (both upper and lower case) will help ensure that your password will not be able to be 'cracked'.

Shell: A shell is a command interpreter, and most UNIX systems provide several shell choices. If you telnet to and log in using your username and password, the prompt you see after logging means you are running a shell.

Handle: Your handle can be your real name or an alias. If someone tries to obtain information about you using finger, the name they will see is your handle. Your handle can be different from your "Real Name" that is included in e-mail correspondence. Both Pine and Eudora can be configured so that your e-mail does not contain your handle.

Please choose secure or normal HTTP access.