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My old web site at has been discontinued. Please update your links to this site.

Welcome to the new home page of Guillemot Kayaks. This is the place to find information about building kayaks, sea kayaking trips and pictures, and my sea kayak design company - Guillemot Kayaks. My personal home page contains links, an animated eskimo roll and information about the a raft race. I am going to continue to provide a content rich web site. My hope is that when you do a search for information about sea kayaks and follow the various links which lead to list of more links, never really providing information, you will eventually come to my pages and find what you are really looking for - Real Content.

New- I now have a bulletin board for discussion of kayaking building. Also please sign my guestbook.

I currently have over 10 MB of information at this site. And in general if I have a link to another site on my page you can be sure that page is not just a boring list of links to other sites. That site will have useful or interesting information as well. You can now search this site for the information you need.


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