Tracks at a Glance

Straight talk about the future of Apple and the Mac OS platform. Now that the difficult choices are behind us, what lies ahead? A look at the business and technology foundations for Apple's return to profitability and renewed growth. Apple CEO, Dr. Gilbert Amelio is joined by Vice President of Developers Relations, David Krathwohl, Sr. Vice President Software Engineering, Avie Tevanian, and Senior Vice President Hardware Engineering, Jon Rubenstein.


Mac OS
Apple will continue enhancing and improving the Mac OS while providing an excellent transition path to Rhapsody. This conference Track will provide a road map to all the exciting enhancements for the Mac OS. features and timing of the Tempo and Allegro releases will be discussed, as well as the "Buster" interim releases.


During the Conference, attendees will receive an in-depth look at the key technology components of Rhapsody. Major topic areas include core OS features, such as the Mach-based kernel; development API's and an overview of the cross-platform and enhanced OpenStep development environment; User Experience Guidelines, Imaging & Printing systems, and Localization features. Additional topic categories include Mac OS Compatibility, Rhapsody's distributed computing model and unique Internet capabilities.


Internet & Web Technologies
With the explosive growth of the Internet as a pervasive, visual communications medium, Apple is well positioned to deliver solutions that address today's market demands. This track will focus upon the Internet platform technologies using the Mac OS, WebObjects, and Java to allow developers to make the most of these exciting new opportunities. Mac OS topics include publishing opportunities and developing dynamic applications on the Web.


Come and see the strategic road map for Apple's Desktop, Portable, and Server product offerings. We'll also cover the PowerPC roadmap, I/O technologies and a CHRP update. Breakout sessions will provide detailed technical information on multiprocessing, hardware I/O (Firewire, PCI, USB, SCSI, and memory), and specifications for upcoming hardware product offerings. IHV's, this is your track!


Interactive Media
The opportunities for the creation of tools and playback software to enable rich media both at the desktop and on the Internet are dramatically expanding. We will discuss these opportunities, as well as present an integrated technical strategy for developing cross platform multimedia tools and applications.


Some demonstrations during WWDC use video resolutions that result in text that is not readable. These resolutions are critical for the demonstrations and we apologize for any convenience this results in.