Software Retailers on full alert as Westwood Studios' Red Alert Ships
World-wide release announced of the most anticipated CD-ROM title of the year

Las Vegas, NV, November 22, 1996 Much to the delight of Command & Conquerr fans around the world, Westwood Studios announced it has released the real-time strategy game Command & Conquerr: Red Alert , the latest installment in the critically acclaimed, million-selling Command & Conquer PC CD-ROM game series. With over one million units already ordered world-wide by retailers, many expect Red Alert to be the biggest software event of the year. Red Alert will be available in English, French and German on PC CD-ROM.

"The release of Red Alert marks a strategic turning point for Westwood Studios," said Brett W. Sperry, President & CEO of Westwood Studios. "It follows on the heels of last year's success story, Command & Conquer, which also sold over a million units. Red Alert has attracted more attention than any other product we've ever released. Recent visits to our website have reached the 3 million/per day mark. We are simply amazed at the overwhelmingly popular response to this product." In Red Alert, game players are thrust into an entirely new alternate reality where Stalin, instead of Hitler, rises to power. Players choose to carry out the rampage of the Soviet threat across Europe or to take on the challenge of stopping Stalin as the Allies. With over 40 missions, fully rendered action sequences and live action video footage, Red Alert promises hour after hour of addictive game-play.

"We try to push the boundaries with our products," said Sperry. "Red Alert is not only a game people play solo, but also an Internet and audio experience as well. Multiplayer mode combined with our Westwood Chat service will have gamers across the globe engaging in fast and furious battle. The skirmish mode we've included is perfect for practicing your multiplayer strategies."

Red Alert features numerous advancements over the award-winning Command & Conquer. In addition to enhanced SVGA graphics and native Windowsr 95 support, players now have command over a vast arsenal of weaponry and technology including battleships, submarines, Mammoth Tanks, MIG fighters, Longbows, Tesla Coils, Gap Generators, Spies, GPS satellites and Chronospheres.

Red Alert is available for PC computers running either DOS or Windowsr 95. System requirements for Windows 95 include: Pentium CPU, 8MB of RAM, 40MB HD space, 2x speed CD-ROM drive, SoundBlasterr or 100% compatible sound card, and 1 MB local bus Microsoftr DirectDraw compatible video card. DOS requirements include: 486/66 Mhz processor or higher, 8 MB RAM, 30 MB HD space, 2x speed CD-ROM drive, SoundBlasterr or 100% compatible sound card, VGA video card, and a 100% Microsoftr compatible mouse.

Red Alert will be available at major software retail outlets everywhere. The product can also be ordered directly from Virgin Interactive Entertainment by calling 800- 874-4607. Virgin Interactive Entertainment is the exclusive world-wide distributor for Westwood Studios. The suggested retail price is $54.95.

Westwood Studios is a prominent developer and publisher of groundbreaking PC, Mac and next-generation console games. Formed in 1985, Westwood Studios has consistently released popular titles including: Eye of the Beholder series, Dune II, the Kyrandia adventure trilogy, Lands of Lore, Command & Conquerr and Monopolyr for the Internet. Each title has sold more than 250,000 units world-wide, with Command & Conquer selling over one million units alone. For more information contact Westwood at 702-228-4040 or visit


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