Press Release Bath, England, 3rd April 1997

Netcraft finds Millionth Internet Web Site

Netcraft today announced that its April Web Server Survey received responses from in excess of One Million internet web sites.

The Netcraft Web Server Survey is the primary empirical metric for the number of sites on the World Wide Web and the relative popularity of web server software on internet sites.

Since its inception, the number of sites found by the Survey has risen from 18,957 in August 1995 to 1,002,612 in the Survey which completed today. During this period, Netcraft's dataset has usually been the Internet's largest publicly searchable collection of web sites, with the one million sites currently available more than double the 475,000 sites claimed by Digital for its AltaVista search engine.

The One Million milestone drew immediate comment from leading web server developers and industry analysts worldwide.

Tim O'Reilly, president of O'Reilly Associates, said "The Netcraft Web Server Survey is perhaps the best known example of a site devoted to tracking technology on the Net. The resulting market share figures are tracked eagerly by anyone involved in the web server market. Not surprisingly, reading the network reveals a very different picture from the prognostications of analysts who are, at bottom, only guessing."

Rob Hartill, founder member of the Apache Group, added, "Since its launch, the Apache Group has used the Netcraft Web Server Survey to gauge the success of our HTTP server. We've seen our numbers of sites grow from some 600 in August 1995, overtake Netscape and NCSA, and firmly establish Apache as the world's most popular web server, with well over 400,000 of Netcraft's million sites running Apache".

"Microsoft relies on Netcraft for precise research in the European Internet spectrum. With over 1,000,000 web sites, the accuracy and independence of the Web Server Survey makes us even more confident about the progress of our Internet products in Europe" said Georges Nahon, Director, Internet and Communications Unit, Microsoft Europe.

"The Netcraft Web Server Survey offers an unique empirical view of the Internet landscape" said Marc Usem, Internet Industry Analyst at Salomon Brothers, "We rely on Netcraft's monthly survey to help reveal the competitive dynamics taking place in the Internet Web server market."

Netcraft is a networking consultancy offering a range of services including Internet Research, WWW Publishing, Network Security and Contract Systems & Network Management. Clients include Hewlett Packard, the Union Bank of Switzerland, and IBM.

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