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A little bit about me

Like it says on my my résumé, I've been a member of the information technology departments of a university, a law publishing firm, and a pharmaceuticals company (that was from most to least recent). I've also been a radio announcer for WRUW-FM 91.1, an amateur actor and theater crewperson, a drummer, and a burger-flipper. Also, I have a deep interest in cinematography, I occasionally write fiction and computer programs, I cook, I read, I work out semi-regularly, I listen to a wide range of music, and I have a B.A. in History, as well as minors in astronomy, English, and artificial intelligence. My hair is red, my eyes are blue, and I'm approximately six feet one inch tall. Unsurprisingly, I also have a family.

And now, the latest news...

I recently returned from an extended trip to California, where it was warm and sunny except for the days it was warm and cloudy. The trip kicked off with Peter Murray and me attending the Sixth International World Wide Web Conference in Santa Clara and presenting two technical posters there. After that, I spent a few days tooling around the Pacific coast, and discovered an incredible restaurant. If you're driving the Pacific Coast Highway, make it a point to stop and have a meal at the Ragged Point Restaurant at Ragged Point. You do not want to miss this experience. Dinner reservations are strongly recommended. And no, I don't work for or have money invested in this place. It's just awesome, that's all.

Anyway, as you might have deduced from the statement near the top of this page, I am very interested in Cascading Style Sheets, Level 1 (CSS1). Part of this interest has led to my establishing the CSS1 Support in Macintosh Web Browsers page, which will be the center of an ever-growing set of information on this subject. For example, you could check out the CSS1 Support in MSIE 3.0 for Macintosh page; or, if you're in the Netscape camp, you could take a look at CSS1 Support in Navigator 4.0b5 for Macintosh. I have other projects in this area which I will be announcing soon. Stay tuned.

If you're in the Cleveland area, tune your FM radio to 91.1 on Wednesday mornings from 7:00 -- 9:00, when I'll be playing music from between the world wars on "Your Father's Oldsmobile." Then leave your radio on that frequency and never, ever change it.

In April 1996, I published a tutorial titled Intermediate HTML, which covers subjects such as interactive forms. I also presented a technical paper titled Borealis Image Server at the Fifth International World Wide Web Conference in May 1996, which was quite an experience.

Introduction to HTML, published in June 1995, keeps gathering recognition. Not only did Point Communications Corp. give it a favorable review, they included it in their book, The World Wide Web Top 1000. The tutorial was also mentioned in the article "The Best Mac Web Sites," which appeared in the August 1996 issue of MacWorld, and in the November 1996 issue of PC World. In fact, the praises are really starting to pile up. If you're at all interested, check out the Accolades page.

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