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AT&T WorldNet Service
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About AT&T WorldNet Service
AT&T WorldNet Service is a new enhanced approach to Internet access. Through a family of products that includes dedicated dial access, we offer Internet navigation and search tools, local, national and international directories, and e-mail, all supported by unsurpassed customer service that makes it easy to use the Internet.

AT&T WorldNet Service Dial Access provides fast, reliable access to the Internet whether you are at home, at work, at school or on the road. With over 200 local access numbers and an 800 access number, you can reach AT&T WorldNet Service from anywhere within the continental U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

AT&T WorldNet Service features customized industry leading browsers, making it a snap to navigate the Internet. Finding the information you need and want is made easy by our crew of editors who surf the Internet daily to link you to the best sites on the 'Net. Advanced Internet directories and search engines have joined with AT&T WorldNet Service to make everything on the Internet available at your fingertips.

AT&T is so sure customers will be pleased with AT&T WorldNet Service that beginning June 1 for customers who leave the service, at any time for any reason, AT&T will forward their email once per day to their new service free for 60 days at no charge. Email will be forwarded to one ID per AT&T WorldNet Service account.

AT&T WorldNet Service is committed to making the Internet a safe and convenient way to find information and transact business. If you register for AT&T WorldNet Service with your AT&T Universal Card, you will receive financial liability protection for purchases made with the AT&T Universal Card on the Internet. Our parental lock software will ensure safe surfing for your kids by allowing you to block out selected areas of the Internet.

Beginning June 1, 1997, AT&T WorldNet Service will offer personal Web pages to its members. During an initial promotional period, members will be able to create and publish a 2 megabyte (Mb) Web site free of additional charge! At the end of the promotional period, all AT&T WorldNet members may register for the personal Web page feature for a premium charge of either $1.95/month for a two megabyte Web site or $4.95/month for five megabytes. This pricing is the same regardless of your AT&T WorldNet Price Plan.

Anytime you need assistance, our World Class Customer Service is available. Whether online or off line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we will provide technical expertise and fast reliable responses to your questions.

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Reliability Challenge
AT&T WorldNet Service Reliability Report
For the period April 3 to April 18, 1997

AT&T WorldNet Service is pleased to report that for the April measurement period AT&T WorldNet Service continues to outperform the industry average on the ability OF members to connect on the first try. During this time, AT&T WorldNet members were able to connect on the first try 92.4% of the time on average during 24 hour periods and 84.3% of the time during peak usage periods.

Since January '97, when the first AT&T WorldNet Service Reliability Challenge was issued, AT&T WorldNet Service has continued to add additional modem capacity to maintain and improve call connect rates. Check here every month to see the latest results.

The Details

The following measurements updated for April show on average how often customers connected with AT&T WorldNet Service on the first try, as compared to the experience of customers on average throughout the Internet and Online industry.*

AT&T WorldNet Service contracts Inverse Network Technology, Inc., an independent firm that measures the performance of Internet service providers, to make this important measurement for two time periods.

The first period is that of heaviest use, from 6 p.m. to midnight, local time, at 40 access numbers for AT&T WorldNet Service in the United States. The second measurement is an average of how often customers were able to connect on the first try to these access numbers over a 24-hour period.

To give its customers an inclusive view of its performance, AT&T WorldNet Service is presenting both measurements as averages for a rolling two-week test period.

Thank you for using AT&T WorldNet Service.

Peak Usage 24-Hour Average
AT&T WorldNet Service 84.3% 92.4%
Industry Average 80.6% 88.9%

* The Industry Average consists of the following providers: AT&T WorldNet Service, AOL, CompuServe, Concentric, EarthLink, IBM, MCI, MindSpring, MSN, NETCOM, Prodigy, Sprint Internet Passport, and UUNet.

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New AT&T WorldNet Service Pricing Plan

Special Price Plans for AT&T Long Distance Customers...

Gremlin Internet for Everyone, whether at home or at work. In addition to making the time you spend online fun and productive, we're also committed to making it affordable.

Effective April 1, 1997 new members will get 5 hours of Internet access per month for $4.95. Should you use AT&T WorldNet Service beyond 5 hours, you'll be charged only $2.50 for each additional hour. If you intend to surf the Net for more than 5 hours a month, then consider choosing the plan with unlimited hours for $19.95 per month.

Please allow enough time to receive your software in the mail or you can download from this site.

No matter which plan you use, we're confident that once you take advantage of everything AT&T WorldNet Service has to offer, you'll wonder how you got along without it.

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Not an AT&T Long Distance Customer?

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If you are not currently using an AT&T Long Distance service from home but would like to take advantage of our new service, we will offer residential customers a pricing option with three hours each month for a low monthly fee of $4.95. Under this plan, you will be charged $2.50 for each additional hour beyond your three hours. If you intend to use AT&T WorldNet Service for more than three hours a month, then consider choosing the plan with unlimited online hours for $19.95 a month.

 Local, long distance or 800 facility access charges to reach AT&T WorldNet Service and any additional access charges or taxes that may be imposed on members on the service may also apply for all pricing plans. The 5 hour offer is limited to one AT&T WorldNet Service business or residential account per billed telephone number subscribed to AT&T. Unlimited usage offer is limited to one log-on per account at anytime. Other terms and conditions apply.

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