Tampa Bay Coffee Guide

Barnes & Noble Tampa Espresso, Hours, Speed B&N "House Blend" is not nearly as good as Starbucks "House Blend" YES
Barnies West Shore Mall new paper cups are better than Java Jackets! low quality MAYBE SO (espresso only)
Bean There South Tampa Nicest atmosphere of all coffee houses service varies, coffee lacking, their beer selection from "Around the World" consists of 3 beers (only 1 is imported) MAYBE SO
Borders Espresso Cafe Tampa in bookstore poor quality espresso and coffee NO
Cayman's Coffee South Tampa new owner / managers couldn't possibly be worse than the old ones UNREVIEWED since new management
Contradiction Town & Country nice store layout horrible bitter espresso NO
East of Java Clearwater none smokey inside, coffee sucks NO
Figaro's South Tampa Spacious inside, Espresso Styrofoam cups used inside MAYBE SO
Holiday USF clean store espresso made from a non-commercial machine was without any crema NO
Infohaus Hyde Park UNREVIEWED
Java Club South Tampa Best espresso in the Bay (when made correctly) poorly trained employees, closes early in evenings YES
Jet City Espresso South Tampa Consistent high quality, great service, soy Crowded interior YES
Jet City Espresso Channelside Channelside Excellent store, staff YES
Joffreys Ybor City very nice atmosphere very inconsistent quality MAYBE SO (now that Kaldi's is out of business)
Kaldi's Ybor City excellent iced soy lattes bitter espresso, service varies OUT OF BUSINESS
Lady G's Tampa Palms friendlist staff, widest coffee selction cigar and ciggerette smoke MAYBE SO
Mothers Milk Clearwater cute house layout hangout for chain smoking punk kids NO
New Harmony Clearwater best espresso in Pinellas Co., roast on premises, friendly owner/operators YES
Toby's Bump N'Grind USF very nice layout, dartboard! no ceramic, all paper cups MAYBE SO

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