Software Speech System
For Acorn RiscOS Computers

Last update: 12.Jun.1997 (- latest version of Speak module)

Demo of New Version Now Available

What is SPEAK ?

SPEAK is a software text to speech system for Acorn computers. No additional hardware is needed.

The SPEAK system consists of:

SPEAK works on any Acorn computer with RiscOS 3.0 or later (although those with ARM2 processors will need to run with low-resolution graphics).

Text to Speech Module.

!Speak Talking Text Editor.

Phonetic Spelling Checker.

Talk-As-You-Type Module.

Pronunciation Editor.

Latest Version


Why Use Speech ?

Many people think speech synthesis is of use only in primary education and for people with certain difficulties such as impaired vision or dyslexia.

This is certainly not the case.

!Speak is of use to everyone.

Proof Reading

Talk as you Type

Text Reading

Talking Word Processors

A restricted version of the SPEAK text to speech module is used by and supplied with the following talking word processors. This does not provide * commands or an SWI interface for other programs.

Speech with Non-Talking Word Processors

Demonstration Version

You can download a demonstration version of the SPEAK speech module, together with the !Speak talking text reader and the !PhonEdit pronunciation editor. This allows you to hear the speech by typing in text, or by loading the example text files.

The phonetic based spelling checker is given as a separate download. This is used in conjunction with the first demo.

Ordering !Speak

The SPEAK software speech system costs 19.50 ukp (UK Pounds) inclusive.

Order from:

This compares very favourably with other older Acorn speech synthesis products such as


Send your original !Speak disc with a 26p stamp for return postage.

Special Offers.