Announcement! Aria SSDK to be released on the Internet!


I just received a very pleasant letter from Sierra Semiconductor granting me
the exclusive non-transferable right to distribute the Aria SSDK via the
Internet. The conditions are as follows:

1. The Aria SSDK will ONLY be available from sites maintained by D.R. Tauritz
2. A large disclaimer will be added making sure Sierra Semiconductor is not
   to blame when your computer blows up because of you using the Aria SSDK
3. Sierra is not providing technical support for the Aria SSDK

This amounts to the following:
1. Please don't upload the Aria SSDK to any other Internet site
2. Don't blame Sierra or myself when you blow your computer up ;-)
3. Refrain from contacting Sierra; if anyone wants some piece of info
   from Sierra then please ask me, not directly Sierra

I'll ready the source code included in the Aria SSDK for uploading and will
upload it this coming Tuesday at the latest. Sierra has promised to send me
the Aria SSDK manual in machine readable format next week or the week after
at the latest. As soon as I receive it I'll upload it of course.

Trusting you'll all keep to the conditions Sierra has stated I am sure the
coming weeks will see much progress for our cause.

Yours Sincerely,


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