Re: Aria SSDK: follow up!

> I'm kind of irritated that I had to spend $50 for the SSDK when all that
> I really wanted to do was to look at the manual. If you could have kept a
> copy online in PostScript form, I could have downloaded a copy and looked
> at using Ghostscript (which you can get for free). If Sierra isn't going
> to make the SSDK available, can't they allow an electronic version to be
> available online?

That is one of the possibilities we are discussing, cross your fingers :-)

> Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner. Might someone be able to scan the
> manual and upload the information for everyone else?

That is prohibited by Sierra's license and might anger Sierra sufficiently
to stop supporting this users group, which would be a great loss. I ask you
all to exercise some patience while I'm negotiating.


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