It's more than a road race...

Street Racer It's a wacky race to the finish!

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Rev up and go ballistic with Street Racer, the action-packed animated road race that's twisted, intense and out of this world! Grab up to eight friends and battle it out while racing at mind-boggling speeds through rich, 3-D animated landscapes. You'll encounter eight bizarre opponents armed with weapons that are as crazy as their personalities...and if you want to reach the secret hidden challenge, you'll have to take them all out!

Street Racer is OUTRAGEOUS, cartooney and a complete blast to play! Read some of the Street Racer Rants!

This insane cross between Mario Kart and Street Fighter will knock you right out of your seat and into some helaciously furious cartoon fun.

Frank Instein

Friends will drive each other up the wall! (And onto the beach, around Mount Rushmore, through the desert...)

  • Revolutionary option of having up to EIGHT simultaneous players linked, with a splitscreen mode that lets you view all of the players at once.
  • Choose from one of eight amusing characters that will crack you up.
  • Attack opponents with special weapons that are personalized (but bizarre!) for each player.

Amusing and goofy, but with seriously challenging game play!

  • Four different game play modes.
  • 24 fun and challenging tracks.
  • Intense speed and performance with 60 frames per second.
  • Karts that turn smoothly and stop on a dime.
  • Artificial intelligence allows the computer to react according to player's driving skill.
Surf Sister


Great 3-D environments with hilariously fun special effects!

  • Fun tilt mode gives you the impression of slopes and hills.
  • Multiple view options including a "micro mode" which allows players to easily see all eight cars at the same time
  • Playback option offers varied camera angles and positions
  • Great sound effects with eight different motor sounds.

Street Racer is the game for everyone!

No matter what skill level, there is a track and a game play mode for everyone! The perfect game for the younger player! You can play this game right away, without having any experience. The hilariously fun challenge for the more advanced player! (Street Racer is simple on one hand, but it takes great skill and expertise to beat the most difficult track.)

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Street Racer delivers all of the amusing fun of Super Mario Kart and is available for the PC, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo Game Boy!

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