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New Kasparov - Deep Blue Rematch: Put yourself in the players' seats and try moves for yourself! Get handcrafted commentary, hints, and feedback on your moves from Chess Mentor. Enjoy not only watching, but understanding, the games. Visit the special Chess Mentor - Deep Blue Web site, and download the Deep Blue version of Chess Mentor containing selected key sections of the games of the original '96 Match and of this year's Rematch. Read our Usenet posting for more information.
New Dealer List. The updated list of dealers (world-wide) who sell Chess Mentor. New Chess Mentor - Comprehensive Chess Course: hone your chess up to tournament level.

Chess Mentor, developed by Aficionado, Inc., enables all levels of chess players to rapidly improve their chess skills in an efficient, effective, and pleasurable manner.

Chess Mentor is not another chess engine. Rather, it is a revolutionary and highly interactive software product which combines the power of the modern computer with expert content developed by Chess Masters. The result is an amazingly effective learning method, akin to actually training with a Master.

Users of Chess Mentor learn through active participation and discovery with materials authored by Masters including IM Jeremy Silman, IM John Grefe, IM Eric Tangborn, IM Marc Leski, FM Craig Mar, and FM Mike Arné; soon GM Jonathan Tisdall and other IMs and GMs.

For more information about Chess Mentor, visit our Product Page where you can take a short tour of the product. In addition, we invite you to:

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  • Experience Chess Mentor Version by downloading a free demo. The demo is a fully functional version of the Chess Mentor product and contains 30 carefully selected challenges with difficulties ranging from beginner to master.
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Aficionado is located at 2532 Durant Avenue, Suite 104, Berkeley, California 94704. You can call us at 1-800-465-9301 (Toll Free in USA) or 1-510-644-9301 (International). In addition, you may Fax us at 1-510-644-9302 or email us at info@chess.com.

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