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Flight-Aid Cross Australia

-> An Introduction. Planning the flight, the sponsors, the pilots.
-> Weeks 1 & 2 Feb 16th - Mar 3rd Setting Up. Avalon to Tyabb
-> Week three Mar 4th - Mar 12th Tyabb to Warnervale
-> Week four Mar 13th - Mat 16th Warnervale to Byron Bay
-> Week five Mar 17th - Mar 23rd Byron Bay to Gladstone
-> Week six Mar 24th - Mar 31st Gladstone to Cairns
-> Weeks 7 & 8 Apr 1st - Apr 14th Cairns to Darwin
-> Week 9 Apr 15th - Apr 20th Darwin to Carnarvon
-> Week 10 Apr 21st - Apr 28th Carnarvon to Witchcliffe
-> 27th-29th April Apr 21st - Apr 28th Witchcliffe to Border Village
-> The Final Leg Apr 30th - May 5th Border Village to Avalon

An Introduction from Flight Aid Manager, Christopher Copeland

The Flight Aid Trust has been put together by a small group of aviation enthusiasts and pilots headed by me (Christopher Copeland), like many of you we have seen the suffering of the needy in Africa, India and on our own doorsteps. I have always thought "What could I do?" but did not really ask this as a serious question until I was invited to see a Leper colony in Lusaka, Zambia. I don't have to describe what I saw as I am sure most people would appreciate the horrors of such a camp and the tragedy that happens in places like these every day. Suffice to say that it touched my soul and I was forced to ask myself the same question, "What can I do?".

If I were to tackle this on my own then I would fall down almost immediately, it was obvious that I would need money to start the ball rolling, and help from like minded people. I made an appeal in my local Microlight Magazine (Microlight Flyer, Brill Mag!) and soon had Chris Cullen, Tom Grieve and Keith Ingham banging on my door. Tom and Keith are both seasoned flyers but Chris Cullen has only 110 hours on type, this did not seem to worry him - but at this time he did not know what I was going to ask him to do. If we were going to make a splash in the aviation world then we had to do something BIG, forget flying around the UK - already done, Europe - already done, America - already done, so how about Oz?, this little jaunt of 22500 miles in an aircraft no bigger than a kangaroo seemed the ideal crazy pom stunt we needed.

We have 27 airshows booked for this year and hundreds of apperances at events such as Longleat etc. I have been fund raising now since October 1995, and believe me it is hard work, I have given up my own career to run Flight Aid full time with the financial help of my inlaws but I am always looking for willing volunteers or fund raising events.

I have received unselfish help from all corners of the earth including Tony Howard from the Ince Microlite Flying Club who has help me co-ordinate this web page. To all those people who have helped I would like to say a big THANK YOU, and to all those people who are thinking about helping, get on the phone now - PLEASE.

If you don't feel you could help in an active role but would like to help Flight Aid, then please make a simple donation, of any amount by sending a cheque (made payable to The Flight Aid Trust) to:

The Flight Aid Trust
Unit 5
118 High Street
EX14 8JU

If you prefer, you can pay directly into the Flight Aid account at any branch of The Royal Bank of Scotland, quoting the following details:
Account Number: 10015688
Sort Code: 16-19-25
Or you can make a pledge by mailing us your name, address and postal code (zip), whatever amount you pledge will not be collected until we return from the Australia flight - you can also pledge by credit card.

Here is a small collection of photographs from Flight Aid.
If you wish to see a photograph full size, then please click on the appropriate image below

Keith Ingham Tom Grieve
Chris Cullen Chris Copeland & Tom Grieve
Chris Copeland & John Fack of Pegasus Pegasus Quantum Microlite
Pegasus Microlites Pegasus Microlites

Please contact us if you would like more details about our work, or how you can help:
e-mail: flight-aid@mersinet.co.uk - If your browser supports mail, you can click here
UK tel & fax: 01404 47471
International tel & fax: 1944 1404 47471 - ANYTIME

Flight aid is promoted and managed by Christopher Copeland as an Evangelical Christian Charity to help fund the long term treatment and rehabilitation of the victims of leprosy in Zambia and offer essential support to their families. In association with NASAD Zambia.
Charity Registration number 10235801

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