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EMPrograms is E.Michael Pokropski

Download some great shareware games here!

This is the main distribution site for EMPrograms Software. Our Software, when downloaded from here, is always the latest and most complete distributable version.

Unless otherwise noted, all the software here is shareware. This means that what you download is only a portion of the complete package. You get to 'Try before you buy'. If you do like what you see, you can register it and recieve the fully registered version. You'll have to see each individual software program for more detailed information on what you will get if you do register.

EMPrograms tries to bring you quality, accessable, affordable software. Alot of effort has gone into each program, and none of them could have been produced if it wasn't for the contributions and patience of many many people. When you register a shareware program, you are supporting the authors and helping them to produce better software at lower prices. Only you can keep the shareware concept alive.

The Software

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