Section V: In your Free Time: News & Entertainment sites
SubSection VIII: Movies


SCREENsite facilitates the study of film and television, emphasizing teaching and research. The site is divided into four principal areas: Education, Research, Film/TV/Video Production, and Miscellanea. In Education, you'll find teaching materials such as syllabi, sample chapters from textbooks, reading lists, and class handouts. You can also access a list of film and television studies, educators' e-mail addresses, an employment office, a list of schools with information on programs, and application procedures and information about relevant societies. Research materials at the site include bibliographies, online discussion groups, scholarly journals, publisher's online resources, and information services such as databases of film reviews, film and TV credits, and television news archives. Miscellanea connects you to other Internet resources for film and TV research. In the Film/TV/Video Production section, you'll find production courses, broadcasting sources, media e-mail contact lists, resources for screenwriters, entertainment news, and TV regulation news. You can also connect to online production companies and networks from here. Following the link for further information takes you to a comprehensive directory of film and television sources on the Internet. Any student of film or television will find something useful at this academic site.

Contact: Jeremy Butler, University of Alabama,