Chapter 1 -- The Treaty and the Mission

Chapter 2 -- Initial Preparations

Chapter 3 -- Ratification Delayed

Chapter 4 -- Standing Up the Unit

Chapter 5 -- Final Preparations

Chapter 6 -- CFE Treaty Baseline

Chapter 7 -- Reduction Years

Chapter 8 -- The CFE Treaty: A Durable Structure



A. CFE Treaty (Text)

B. The CFE Treaty: Statements and Agreements (Text)

C. The CFE 1A Concluding Act (Text)

D. CFE Review Conference: Final Document (Text)

E. CFE Treaty: National Verification Organizations

F. OSIA European Operations Command: Personnel Strength 1990-1992

G. Chronology: CFE Treaty Negotiations and Implementation, 1972-1996





Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publishing Data
Harahan, Joseph P.
Kuhn, John C. III

On-Site Inspections Under the CFE Treaty, A History of the On-Site Inspection Agency and CFE Treaty Implementation, 1990-1996
Treaty History Series
Includes Bibliographical References

1. Treaties, Arms Control -- United States -- History.
2. United States -- CFE Treaty -- On-Site Inspections --History.
3. Europe -- End of Cold War -- History.
4. Russia -- post-Cold War -- History.
5. United States Government -- History, Government.

I. United States. Treaties. CFE Treaty. II. Title


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