Welcome to
www.corp.com (aka Microduh!)

This site has gained sudden popularity since Microsoft published this URL as a part of their most recent release of Windows NT (and, it has now been brought to my attention, as a part of the beta release of FrontPage '97!). T'would seem that someplace in those programs they've burned this address into a place that makes me a mere mouseclick away! Hot doggidies!

This is the Internet equivalent of having them accidentally publish your home phone number as their dial-up support line. Y'see, "corp.com" is a real live domain that is registered to me. So what I want to know is:
So for a while there, I had some fun! I sponsored a little Internet Countdown. Today, this is just another calm spot on the 'net. A place for wayfarers to pause for a moment, have a chuckle, then pass on to other pursuits.

But for a while there I pointed this URL someplace more exciting! People had a lot of good suggestions as to their favorite horrible destination on the 'net. The one I picked?
Well, it turned out to be a local hardcore site www.sexworld.com . Imagine people's surprise when they were mysteriously transported there!

I left it pointing there for 24 hours... Now this page has returned to it's staid, boring old self.

Meanwhile, to gently point out that there are products in the galaxy besides those made by Mr. Bill:

Here's a pointer to Netscape,

here's a pointer to Linux, and

here's a pointer to Apache, and

here's a pointer to Apple, and

here's a pointer to O/S 2 Warp 4, and

here's a pointer to Grolier.

Wow! This MicroDUH! stuff is catching!

'Turns out that they've got the URL

in their documentation of the Personal Web Server for Win95.

And they've wired
into a wizard in FrontPage 2.0.

Wanna guess who registered that domain a couple years ago? Yep! Me again!
Microsoft continues to be the only software firm generating all this attention. Interesting commentary on their understanding of the Internet, eh?

Here's the hit-counter. Imagine your doorbell ringing this much!

people have hit this page, and gotten tuned into the MicroDUH! message, since 1/2/97 (I reset the counter at 4pm). Not bad... Wanna buy advertising space on this page? 'Looks like a pretty hot spot!
Whatcha think... Maybe the next thing to do is generate some pages that are exactly like the pages created by the software. But twisted.... Oh, just a little bit. So the unwary might think they'd actually done it! Only to find out... later... perhaps when the boss is looking at the demo... that things were going terribly wrong...

And who in the heck am the whacko who'd put up a page like this, you ask?

Why, I'm Mike O'Connor -- the guy who turned down $50k for the television.com domain, that's who.
Have a great day. I hope you got a chuckle out of this page. I'm pretty sure there are some folks at Microsoft who won't! tee hee!