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The Company

Founded: 1989
Employees: 16
Locations: San Rafael, CA & Coral Springs, FL

Binar Graphics creates and licenses optimized drivers and enhancement utilities for Windows (R).


Since its inception Binar has been in the business of helping its customers differentiate their hardware graphics products with the fastest drivers and most innovative utilities.

As part of a joint research and development project with Tseng Labs and Sierra Semiconductor in early 1991, Binar created the first display drivers which allowed Windows 3.0 to run at more than 256 physical colors. This work included indentifying and replacing Windows kernel components which did not correctly support such operation. This work resulted in Sierra Semiconductor introducing the HiColor DAC and Tseng Labs introducing the first production graphics board that ran Windows at 64,536 colors.

During the HiColor project, Binar’s engineers determined that the 256 color display drivers being shipped by most graphics companies were very inefficient and started a new research effort to accelerate Windows’ graphics. The results of this effort were spectacular, with Binar’s engineers achieving a 5X performance improvement in standard display technology. This technology was deemed so impressive by the industry that:

Diamond Multimedia licensed it to for the launch of their SpeedStar and Stealth product lines. From those early products and less than $1M in revenues, Diamond exploded into what is now a $500M company.

IBM Corporation selected Binar Graphics to provide all of the Super VGA and S3 display drivers for its new OS/2 2.0 operating system.

Panacea, Inc. licensed and published Binar’s drivers as WinSpeed, The Software Only Accelerator for Windows.

In 1992 Binar Graphics began creating additional technologies that its customers could use to differentiate their product lines. Binar Graphics developed and patented resolution and color depth switching "On-The-Fly" in Windows as well as a host of other technologies contained in the following products:

AnyView, Screen Commander for Windows was the industry’s first display control utility, descendants of which are now unbiquitous on graphics cards and within Windows itself. In addition to resolution switching on the fly, AnyView provided a DPI WYZARD which let users match Windows’ DPI settings to their actual monitor size, allowing true wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) performance; HARDWARE ZOOM which provided instant magnification of any on-screen image; and VIRTUAL DESKTOP which expanded the Windows desktop beyond the user’s screen size.

Fantastic Recall, Auto Resume for Windows instantly saved and restored a user’s entire Windows session, eliminating the need to open and close files or applications. This enabled users to begin working in Windows up to six times faster.

SkyScraper, Desktop Manager for OS/2 provided a visual representation of OS/2’s multitasking capabilities by giving users multiple desktops. This allowed the user to run all of their OS/2 and Windows applications maximized, and switch between them by clicking on a toolbar whose buttons represesented each desktop.

AnyView Professional added color switching on the fly for Windows 3.1 users to the original AnyView’s feature set. It also introduced OptiMemm, Binar Graphics’ technology that eliminated Windows’ "out of resources" errors and Catalyst, Windows Acceleration Technology. AnyView Professional was chosen by IBM PC Corporation to be bundled on every commercial desktop computer and OptiMemm was licensed by Quarterdeck for inclusion in its QEMM 8.0 product.

Binar continues to create leading edge technologies, such as Universe, AnyView 3.0 and high performance, highly reliable Drivers.



How To Reach Us

Corporate Headquarters

40 Mitchell Blvd
San Rafael, CA 94903

Main Phone: (415) 491-1565
Main Fax: (415) 491-1164

Florida Division

9728 West Sample
Coral Springs, FL 33065

Main Phone: (954) 340-5515
Main Fax: (954) 340-5515 Ext. 2



Employment Opportunities

Binar Graphics is the leading supplier of device drivers and utilities for "windowing" operating systems. Join our fast-growing team of software professionals as we work with the latest graphics and multimedia hardware!

The following positions are open at Corporate Headquarters in San Rafael, California and the Florida division in Coral Springs, Florida.

Software Engineer -- Device Driver Development

Develop 2D/3D graphics and device drivers for graphics display and multimedia products.

Experience Required:
Three to five years experience in developing graphics and device drivers on Windows95, Windows NT, or Windows 3.1 operating systems. Must have experience with Windows internals, C/C++ language, as well as 80x86 Assembly.

If you are interested in joining the Binar team in Florida, please submit your resume and salary history to:

Binar Graphics Inc, Dept. WP-515
9728 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL 33065-4004
FAX (954) 340-5155 [option 2]
email: .

If you are interested in joining the Binar team in California, please submit your resume and salary history to:

Binar Graphics, Inc.
Human Resources Dept.
40 Mitchell Blvd.
San Rafael, CA 94903-2034
FAX: (415) 491-1164


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