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Monday, November 10, 1997

Hot Chips

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UPSIDE's Elite 100
Sizzling Startups
Where to look today for the Intels of tomorrow.

High Roller: Cliff Higgerson, Communications Ventures
Learn how Higgerson and partner Roland Van der Meer plan for the next communications revolution.

Close-up: Microsoft's Bet on the Internet
Although Microsoft's getting enormous flack for its Internet strategies, for investors, it looks pretty damn smart.

Amelio and National: Perception vs. Reality
Why does the general public believe Amelio "turned around" National Semiconductor? Analysts are revising their opinions of Amelio and current CEO Brian Halla.

More "Financial" features

DoJ vs. Microsoft: A Mistake From the Start
So the DoJ wants to fine Microsoft $1 million a day? Reno wants to play the heavy, but she's clearly in the wrong movie.

Giving Up the Day Job
A dispatch from Bruno Maddox on the conglomeration of the vast and noteworthy community of unsuccessful New York writers toiling on the Internet.

Get the straight dope on e-commerce scams, the best toys from Empirical Software Inc. CEO Tom
Bandy and infobahn destinations from Palm Computing's Donna Dubinsky.

More "In The Know" features

Veridicom's Tom Rowley
Veridicom takes the sci-fi out of fingerprint IDs and attaches them to everything within reach. CEO Tom Rowley shares his recipe for success.

Banatao On Chips
Chip designer and "Master Entrepreneur of the Year" Diosdado Banatao discusses the five must-have criteria for launching a company. Part 1 Part 2

Andy Grove on Intel: Magic or Monopoly?
Part 1 Part 2
Intel CEO Andy Grove suffers no fools, speaks frankly and absolutely demolishes his competition. Read what he has to say to editor Richard Brandt.

More "People" features

Investing in Silicon
Timing is everything when buying chip stocks.

Virtual Chips
The new model for the 21st century.

Graphics Violence
Peter N. Glaskowsky investigates the fight for the next-generation chip market.

More "Companies" features

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