January1996 Issue

Easy Left, Baby

  • Size: 1 CD-ROM
  • Style: 1 or 2-Player Rally Racing
  • Special Features: 3 Tracks (Plus One Bonus Track), Split Screen Mode, Two Views, Championship, Practice, or Time Attack Mode, Ghost Car Mode, Customizable Cars, 2-Player Handicaps, Compatible w/Arcade Racer Controller
  • Created by: AM2 for Sega Sports
  • Available: Now for Sega Saturn

    Some people look at stretch of mountain road and say, "That's not safe to drive on." Other people look at that road and say, "It's too steep and curvy - we should put up some stop signs." Then there are a few people with more guts than sense that look at the road and say, "I'll bet I can drive my car on that road faster than anyone else in the world." For that group of people there is a racing circuit known as the Rally Championship, and for those of us who can't afford to smash cars into walls, there is Sega Rally Championship which is now available for your Saturn.

    Sega Rally Championship (SRC) is a direct arcade translation. Because of the design of the Sega Saturn and it's similarities to Sega's arcade game design, very little has been lost in the translation (except, of course, for some resolution and a few frames of animation). In SRC you'll be able to race on one of three tracks - Desert, Forest, or Mountain. You can race these tracks individually or in a circuit, where you drive one after the other and your time and position in the race are kept throughout all three tracks. In addition, if you finish the third track in first place you'll move on to the bonus Lake Side track where you'll find yourself fighting some of the tightest stretches of road you've ever driven.

    The arcade portion of the game is only half the story, however, because Sega has added some very nice options unique to the home version. First of all, you'll be able to race in split-screen mode against your friend. You can do this as a standard three or five lap format, or you can choose Time Delay. In this mode, when one car reaches a check point, the other car has a preset time (1 to 9 seconds) to reach that checkpoint or the game is over. In lap mode, you can give one car a delayed start to handicap the more talented drivers. Finally, you can turn on a slower car burst which will allow the losing car to go a bit faster, giving it a chance to catch up.

    So what about one-player? In the time attack mode, Sega has allowed you to race against the most dangerous opponent in the world - yourself. Each track keeps track of not only the best time, but it shows a ghostly image of the car that scored the best time so you have an opponent to race against.

    If you've played Sega Rally in the arcades, you know that it is a challenging game that you'll need to play over and over in order to improve. The cars are sensitive and require a master's touch. If you're tired of practicing at fifty cents to a dollar a pop, Sega Rally Championship is coming home just for you.

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