September 1995 Issue

Not To Be Denied!

Bugs have always had a hard time fitting in with today's society. Sure, they've tried to mingle and make peace with the human race. They've even gone as far as setting up their homes in the cracks of our driveways and window panes. Unfortunately, whenever we get the chance, we wipe out these colonies with a garden hose and a fly swatter. It's time to say enough is enough. It's time to end this war and make new allies. It's time to throw away the OFF and give the bugs a chance.

Sega's newest vision brings the insect kingdom into the lime light of Hollywood. A talented young insect actor by the name of Bug, has been given the chance to carve his initials in the book of fame and fortune. He's been cast as the main character for the upcoming action flick, Bug!. The films budget is secure and the press is eager to learn more. Now it's up to you to take control of Bug and act at your best! Depending on how well you maneuver your way through the six levels in Bug!, will determine how well the film will do.

Bug! is a game with major depth that allows you, the player, to freely interact with an immense 3D environment and actually walk into the back and foregrounds. Having this third dimension makes Bug! a very unique Action/Platform game. At first it may be a little hard to pick up the style of play that Bug! has to offer, however, once you're accustomed to it, there's no turning back!

As Bug, your goal is to make it to the Bug Stop on each scene. Along the way you will encounter all sorts of enemies and obstacles. For the most part, your standard forms of attack are the butt bounce and zap attack, however, if you make it to level three, you can acquire spit wad's and hock digestive juice upon the evil ones. Each level consists of three scenes and an end boss. These end boss' are tough and relentless. They want you dead, more than you want an Oscar. Find your strategy and stick with it. Slip up and you can kiss your acting career good by!

Andy, The Game Hombre
"Now this game is cool. And Bug! is actually innovative (even with its classic jump-on-their-melon techique). The 3D levels are a maze of platforms and pitfalls that take time and practice to master, but perhaps the best part of bug is the amazing graphics. Each level seems to pop off the screen with sound that, even though I dislike his corny Gex-wanta-be voice-overs, really draws you deeper into the game. A must for young green actors looking for a new career."

Reiner, The Raging Gamer
"Who says a bug can't be a hero? Sure, Hollywood's slapped a stereotype on all bugs and insects as being something dreadful and scary, but we all know they can be an adorable little friends too! Sega's done the insect kingdom a world of good with their new Saturn release, Bug!. You really have to see it, to believe it! There really is no boundary to what you can and can't do. You can spit juice, shoot electricity bolts and apply your cheeks to your enemies head. If you're looking for a challenging Saturn game, look no further, Bug! is here."

Paul, The Pro Player
"This is a whole new concept that may create the standard for 32-bit platform games. This bug doesn't have the speed of a hedgehog, but everything is done first rate. Multiple paths, amazing rendered bosses, and excellent SGI cut scenes will completely amaze you. Bug! is no pushover when it comes to completing his quest. It will take you a while to get used to the "3D" action and to remember where all the grasshoppers and dung beetles are placed. Bug! is the most innovative and exciting platform game to come around in a long time. It should be on your 'must have' list for Saturn."

The Bottom Line: 9
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