July 12, 1997

For Release July 12, 1997

AUSTIN, TX- Crack dot Com, developers of the cult-hit Abuse and the
anticipated 3D action/strategy title Golgotha, is releasing the Abuse
source code to the public domain.

The Abuse source code may be found at:


The Abuse engine, although almost two years old- an "ancient game" in this
industry- still contains some features that many games today have not
implemented, including a built-in LISP engine, a joinable peer-to-
peer network architecture, portability to multiple operating systems,
support for multiple screen resolutions, and an extremely advanced built-in
editor with a portable window system.

Crack is owned and run by its two founders, Jonathan Clark and
Dave Taylor, both still active programmers.  Crack decided to release Abuse
to the public domain as a gesture to programmers interested in learning how
a commercial game is put together, who just want to play around with
a 2D engine already stocked with content, or who would like to build up
their experience optimizing or modifying a real-world engine.

Crack would like to thank Electronic Arts and Bungie for agreeing to
donate the Abuse shareware data to the public domain.

Crack dot Com is a small game development company located in Austin,
Texas.  The corporation was founded in 1996 by Dave Taylor, co-author
of Doom and Quake, and Jonathan Clark, author of Abuse.  Crack dot Com's
web site is located at http://crack.com.

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