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Friday, December 5th

  • There are now over 60,000 registered players!

  • Important New Policy: We request that non-game chat take place only in the designated chat rooms, and not in the game lobbies. With so many users logged in at one time, non-game chat is disruptive to those seeking to match with other players. Thank you for your consideration!

Monday, November 17th

  • There are now over 50,000 registered players!

  • The server has been split into three main game areas in order to accomodate our growth. You will only see people logged on to the server which you are logged into.

Thursday, October 2nd

  • Our FreeCell contest for September has ended and our winners have been chosen. Visit the contest page for details.

  • We are working hard to increase our capacity and performance level. Thanks for playing at!

Wednesday, September 3rd

  • The server has been temporarily split into two rooms in order to accomodate more people. When you login, you will see a list of the games in each room. Simply select the room of your choice and you can play just as before. We hope to have the rooms integrated again within a week.

Monday, September 1st

  • Due to the popularity of, we are limiting access to 220 users at one time. If you are unable to enter the game room, please try again! Our next update, due out September 8th, should double our capacity.

  • Our first contest began today. Click here for details.

Wednesday, August 27th

Monday, August 25th

  • officially announces the game room to the public. Click here to read the news release.

  • Texas Hold 'Em Poker is added to our game roster. Everyone initially receives $1000 in virtual play money. The game is in beta mode and we welcome your comments and bug reports.

  • We have added a new dictionary for WordWeb. More words=more fun!

Monday, August 4th

We now have a great new way to access! Our new Castanet transmitter is now available. Click here for more info.

Monday, July 28th

There are two new features available.
  • Typing "/ping" in a game room will check to see that all players are connected.

  • Typing "/page USERNAME" anywhere will page that user. For example "/page gamedude".

Thursday, July 17th

We have added the player list to the front page. Doubleclick on a name to find out where someone is.

We have also added a list of tables needing players. When at a table, click the "Player Needed" checkbox to let people know you need another player.

Wednesday, July 16th

As you can see, we've changed our name and the interface for the site. There is now a lobby for every game. This will help to facilitate further growth of the site. We've also changed the following:

  • Guests have been disabled. Anyone with a valid email address can sign up for a free account.
  • Euchre has been added. Our next game will be Draw Poker.
  • You can now pass in Spades if you bid doublenil.
  • A separate message board has been created for every game.
  • Two bugs have been fixed in Chess. You can now play blitzes, and draws are detected properly.
  • A couple bugs in Bridge have been fixed. You can now see declarer's hand during a claim, and the scoring of doubled contracts has been fixed.
  • Wordweb now has a bigger dictionary.

    Coming Soon:

  • Gin Rummy
  • Auto players for Spades and Euchre
  • Duplicate Bridge

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