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You are on the main page of the plastics industry's oldest and busiest industry-wide mega server. This triumvirate server is offered to the industry on a free subscription basis by WorldWide WebLabs, an award winning web developer and publisher of plastics and polymer information. We have been providing service to the internet plastics community since 1994! Best of the Web to our welcome page to learn how to use this valuable web site
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Refered to as an internet MEGA-SITE, The internet's oldest and largest index of polymers and plastics web sites!

Plastics Primer
Everything you wanted to know about plastics! Come her to get all of the basics of what are plastics. An invaluable resource to industry newcomers or people just interested in the science of polymers.
FTP Site
The Polymers DotCom FTP site! Download files. It is our pleasure to be an official cohost and contributor to the Usenet group sci.polymer's FAQ
Get Slimed!
Visit our Slime page (if you dare) learn how to make gak and slime for the kids, or for yourself !!! and other interesting wierd sciences...
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WorldWide WebLabs specializes in developing high quality web sites for the chemicals and plastics industry. Vist here and learn how easy and affordable it is to get on the Web!

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We are soliciting tech papers, columnists, contributors, artists and more. Find out how you can join our team and get your viewpoint published to the largest on-line plastics circulation.
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