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Here is a list of the current community organizations and other guests making use of the services at FLORA Community WEB. Some of the groups listed here are also Partners or Clients of Russell McOrmond's consulting business, many of which are also community services. I will note them in the list.

Alternative Transportation mailing list
Information and archives for the alt-transp mailing list that is hosted on Flora.
Asia Pacific Center for Justice and Peace (Client)
The Asia Pacific Center is a non-profit organization working with partners in the US, Asia and the Pacific for justice and peace in today's context of changing national and global dynamics.
Ask the Doctors
Your medical question will be read by the qualified professionals who are members of this group. Any one of them, or perhaps several, will provide answers.
Auto-Free Ottawa
An organization who's goal is to decrease the dependency we have on the Automobile.
Canadian Homeschool
A resource page for people in Canada interested in educating their children from their own homes.
Car Free Living
The pleasures, frustrations, and practicalities of living without a car in Canada's National Capital Region
Citizens for Safe Cycling
A non-profit association which promotes cycling as a viable means of transportation in the Ottawa-Carleton Region.
Communities before Cars Coalition
CBCC aims to reduce the impact of vehicular traffic on local communities.
Community Democratic Action
An organization of citizens committed to a healthy, safe, caring, prosperous, diverse and democratic community. Organized in the aftermath of the MegaWeek announcements, and a meeting on April 3'rd.
Famous 5 Foundation (Ottawa Chapter)
The Famous 5 Foundation is a charitable not for profit corporation founded to honour the Famous 5 and other Canadian women, commemorate the Persons Case and inspire, recognize and celebrate achievement.
Good Companions
A bright, airy meeting place where seniors from every walk of life can participate in a multitude of social activities and receive many services to enhance their quality of life
Home Based Learning Network
HBLN is a network of people interested in alternatives to the school system, including, but not limited to, teaching our children at home and development of cooperative learning opportunities.
K.C. Maclure Centre
The K.C. Maclure Centre is a non-profit organization providing daytime programs and supports to persons with disabilities.
Lynx Developers
Lynx is a text based browser used by a variety of groups ranging from people who just don't like the 'fluff' often seen with graphics on the net, people who cannot afford the extra computing resources and network bandwidth of graphics, to people such as the visually impared for which graphics have no purpose.
MAI-not (part of OPIRG-Carleton)
The MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment) is an international treaty being proposed to OEDC countries by the World Trade Organization. Under this agreement Governments would be ruled by Multinational Corporations.
National Capital Runners' Association (NCRA)
NCRA dedicated to the promotion of running as a recreational option and/or a competitive alternative for men and women in Canada's National Capital region.
New Canadian (and other good) Books
This site is maintained by Rosaleen Dickson, books editor of The Hill Times
Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents
The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (OFTP) is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization committed to the examination and address of common concerns of home-educating parents.
Ottawa Cycle Resource
Links to resources and information of interest to cyclists in the Ottawa area.
Ottawa Vegetarian Society
The Ottawa Vegetarian Society exists to serve the people of Ottawa and surrounding areas, as a resource base for information on Vegetarianism and as a network for encouraging those following a Vegetarian way of life.
Ottawa District Community of Ontario Special Olympics.
Ontario Special Olympics is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing year-round recreational and competitive sport training for individuals with developmental disabilities.
Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada (Client)
The Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada is an organization that works internationally, nationally, and within communities across Canada to ensure access to educational, clinical, and counselling services in the area of sexuality and reproductive health.
Répertoire Outaouais - Ottawa area directory
A list of Ottawa area Web sites. Maintenu par Mario Girard.
FLORA Server Project
Various software projects are underway at FLORA to try to improve the tools available to the community. If you are a software developer, you may wish to get involved and help.
Peace and Environment Resource Center
Alternative media, resources not available at public libraries, outlet for local groups to communicate, allows public to be involved in finding solutions to environmental and social problems.
This is a mailing list and information archives focused on issues of interest to pedestrians.
United Nations Association of Canada (Client)
UNA-Canada is a national non-profit organization promoting UN programmes and activities within Canada. Local branches setting up their own WEB sites under the UNAC domain include:
Visually Impaired
Information and devices for the visually impaired.
Westend Family Cinema
A non-profit community theater.

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