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The Christafari Fan Club
P.O. Box 1529 Franklin, TN 37065-1529

Thank you for inquiring about "The Christafarians" the official fan club of Christafari. As a member you will receive the following...

  • A "Valley of Decision" poster autographed by each member of Christafari.
  • A Christafari T-shirt
  • A Christafari sticker
  • A Christafari 8x10 glossy picture
  • Newsletter (sent out four times a year to update you on the current events of Christafari)

To become a member of "The Christafarians" enclose a check or money order (made out to Christafari) for a fee of $26.00 + 4.00 for shipping and handling (total $30.00). Send all payments to:

Christafari Fan Club
P.O. Box 1529
Franklin, Tn 37065-1529

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