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30-May-97, 11:23 AM

DB/EXPO San Francisco

IT Forum
IT Forum '97: The Only Piece Missing is You!

DB/EXPO '97 in San Francisco was a great success!
Check out the show wrap up!

The trends, the patterns, the relationships it's all happening again in San Francisco.

The times they are a-changin'. Come and celebrate the latest changes present and future of information technology at DB/EXPO '97 in San Francisco. It's today's showcase for the technologies that will take you through to the year 2000 and beyond.

Now corporate business professionals, applications and database developers, information technology managers and software developers from around the world can get together and get the technology edge they need.

DB/EXPO Exposition is the place to see and be seen. In fact, it's the ultimate scene for information technology. You'll rub elbows with thousands of attendees, interact with hundreds of companies, and learn from leading keynote speakers all the powers that be, all in one powerful venue San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center, May 12-16, 1997.


I Squared

Web technology is becoming the key component of the client/server developer's toolkit -- perhaps the most essential technology your company will need in the immediate future. It's the conference that tells you everything you need to know -- how to deploy Web technology on internal corporate intranets, how to build electronic commerce applications, the impact of the Internet and intranets on systems and networking, Java and objects on the Web, and more!

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